Vogue Russia’s Top NYE Makeup Looks Inspired From The Runway


Privet!! NYE is the perfect excuse to get Matryoshka’d up, and leave those around you with a lasting impression from one year and into the next. Makeup can complete your perfect NYE look, but sometimes it’s hard to choose what side of yourself to show off for the night: your sexy vixen side, the glamour girl or perhaps you want to be classy & chic- the point is the looks are endless. Continue reading “Vogue Russia’s Top NYE Makeup Looks Inspired From The Runway”

Natasha Poly Will Be On The Cover For Vogue Japan’s February 2014 Issue

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Privet Matryoshka’s!! The Russian model recently made the cover for Vogue China’s January 2014 issue, and now she’s going to be on the cover of Vogue Japan’s February 2014 issue (By Patrick Demarchelier). Continue reading “Natasha Poly Will Be On The Cover For Vogue Japan’s February 2014 Issue”

Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia


Ballet has never reminded me of  warmer seasons; seasons where flowers are in bloom, to nights when the heat makes it impossible to fall asleep. Ballet simply suits the mood of winter, when the ground is covered by frost, or thick blankets of fresh snow. Perhaps the ethereal white of the ballerina’s costume projects a look I perceive as cold, perhaps that’s my reason for a ballerina-winter association. Anyway, Vogue Russia featured a spread titled “Ballet & Drama” Continue reading “Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia”

The Anastasia Of Winter Russian Inspired From Vogue Japan


This fantasy photo shoot graced the pages of Vogue Japan in the December 2013 issue, with a very Russian theme and title to match “The Anastasia of Winter”. Wintry scenes hold common place throughout the images, the model’s makeup is even reminiscent of a matryoshka doll. The photo shoot was Styled by Giovanna Battaglia , and photographed by Emma Summerton. It’s even hard to by-pass the models striking Russian red lip colour that pops out against the snowy, milky white scenes.

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Little Adults The Rich Kids In Russia

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Anna Skladmann’s project “Little Adults” has piqued my interests on the behaviour of Russia’s “newly rich” children. These children act and dress much older than they actually are. I think i’m amused by the fact Vogue and Tatler have influenced the way they pose and dress!  How the Little Adults project began; Anna Skladmann: ” You see, on that first trip to Moscow, I was about 14 and my parents took me to a masquerade ball. That was the first time I had any encounters with Russian children, and it struck me

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