Sasha Luss, Model & Offbeat Instagramer

Sasha Luss, Model & Offbeat Instagramer

She’s tiny, and fragile in appearance and has had her fair share of ballet, but Sasha Luss never was the type who played with barbies, and never dreamed of becoming a model in her childhood. The Russian model’s career began in 2007 but it was the 2013-14 season that truly took her career to the next level. In the 2013-14 season Sasha Luss began her first big season on the runway for the Paris Haute Couture scene, and opened runway shows for No. 21, vera Wang, Emilio Pucci , and Alberta Ferretti. Continue reading “Sasha Luss, Model & Offbeat Instagramer”

Elena Perminova Poses Nude For Vogue Russia’s September Issue

Elena Perminova Poses Nude For Vogue Russia’s September Issue


Elena Perminova is taking Vogue Russia by storm by posing nude on the cover for the magazine’s September 2014 issue. The it girl who always wows us with her instagram selfies and incredible fashion sense is seen wearing a very long, fishtail braid, and even posted a photo from behind the scenes of her photo shoot for Hunger magazine- where she is seen wearing the same rapunzel style braid as on the cover of Vogue. I’m curious to see the rest of the Vogue issue!

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Vogue Russia’s Top NYE Makeup Looks Inspired From The Runway


Privet!! NYE is the perfect excuse to get Matryoshka’d up, and leave those around you with a lasting impression from one year and into the next. Makeup can complete your perfect NYE look, but sometimes it’s hard to choose what side of yourself to show off for the night: your sexy vixen side, the glamour girl or perhaps you want to be classy & chic- the point is the looks are endless. Continue reading “Vogue Russia’s Top NYE Makeup Looks Inspired From The Runway”

Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia


Ballet has never reminded me of  warmer seasons; seasons where flowers are in bloom, to nights when the heat makes it impossible to fall asleep. Ballet simply suits the mood of winter, when the ground is covered by frost, or thick blankets of fresh snow. Perhaps the ethereal white of the ballerina’s costume projects a look I perceive as cold, perhaps that’s my reason for a ballerina-winter association. Anyway, Vogue Russia featured a spread titled “Ballet & Drama” Continue reading “Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia”

Miroslava Duma Stuns At Vogue Russia’s 15th Anniversary Dinner

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 3.10.39 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s!! I’m obsessed with the look of the decor in the background of this photo, it’s so winter wonderland chic, perfect for celebrating a lavish couture evening. Speaking of chic, Miroslava Duma is stunning me with her outfit. (it matches perfectly with the theme of the evening), The couture event is a dinner to celebrate Vogue Russia’s 15th Anniversary. Congratulations to Vogue Russia for 15 wonderful years!

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Behind The Scene’s of Vogue Russia’s Parisian Cabaret Photo Shoot For December

146a81b198464e9c89fc44e43108bf4fMaryna Linchuk

I love the details in this behind the scenes glimpse of Vogue Russia’s December 2013 issue, the spread features one of the oldest Parisian cabaret’s “Folies bergere”. The star attraction is Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk, who is seen in Haute Couture pieces by Elie Saab, Valentino, Dior and even features a dress by the Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

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Sasha Luss By Marino Vivanco For Vogue Russia November 2013


This Vogue Russia photo shoot has Sasha Luss donning an Ushanka and military inspired clothing, the Russian born model looks breath-taking in this spread that took place for this month’s edition of Russian Vogue (November 2013 issue) . The famous magazine has also made it to it’s jubilee year, meaning Vogue Russia has been turning out beautiful photo shoots for 15 years now.

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Louis Vuitton Exhibit Hits The Red Square: Legends Of The Chest

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 11.53.40 PM

Louis Vuitton has landed in Moscow’s famous Red Square! The massive chest is in fact a part of a Louis Vuitton exhibit  that will last from December 2 until January 19. The exhibition is dedicated to the legendary House of customers: the famous travelers and adventurers.

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Vogue Russia’s Along The Petersburg Street Style


Well Matryosha’s don’t these images just scream bundle up The Russian winter is coming!? Vogue Russia’s “Along The Petersburg” is all about an ushanka clad model, who appears in haute couture pieces, thrown together with jeans for an equidistant look that could make for good street style.
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Vogue Russia’s Ballerina Inspired Photo Shoot

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 2.40.27 PM

Latvian Model: Ginta Lapina

This Ballet inspired photo shoot graced the pages of Vogue Russia one year after the film release of Black Swan. The shoot subtly drew from the film, using elements of seduction, and sensuality to derail the senses, which Ginta Lapina exuded said seduction with ease. Vincent Peters may have taken the photo’s years ago, yet the images are timeless. There are no white swans here…

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