Ushanka Weather

Ushanka Weather


The ushanka is one of Russia’s greatest media icons, and an item that I tend to crush on from time to time. If you were with me last winter then you might remember that I wrote two posts about the ear flap hat : Wearing Ushankas With Attitude and Ushankas Are Just Made For Winter Street Style. This year I thought I’d revive the ushanka because 1). Fun, chic, and cute looks can be made with them. e.g. Just imagine sipping on hot chocolate in a chalet somewhere while wearing one. 2). If you’re like me who can’t pull off beanies or tuques well this may be an option for you. And 3). Both Babushkas and Russian mothers agree that it’s important to keep your head warm so you won’t get meningitis, and whats better than an ushanka at keeping your head warm? (Russians take keeping your head warm seriously)

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Wearing Ushanka’s With Attitude

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 2.14.44 PMShe has that “devil may care attitude” down

Well Matryoshka’s sometimes you need to have the right attitude when you take it upon yourself to wear something bold. The Ushanka (bombber hat, shapka) is that very accessory that can get you quizzical looks from passers by- if it’s unusual or uncommon to see where you live. Now you must know by now I have an obsession with this shapka-ushanka, I even have a previous post on the subject (ushanka’s are just made for winter street style.). Continue reading “Wearing Ushanka’s With Attitude”

Irna Vodolazova In Elle Russia’s Folklore Inspired Spread

Irina-Tallgard-20121023-03-1The look of confidence when true love prevails

She stills herself, hearing the faint canter of a horse in the distance; a sound that appears to grow louder with her own rhythmic heart beat, now thundering away in her chest. She’s confident her heroic (and trust me Matryoshka’s in this tale the hero’s dashingly handsome) Bogatyr has come to save her from a life with a brutish Slavic rogue. Continue reading “Irna Vodolazova In Elle Russia’s Folklore Inspired Spread”

The Winter Street Style In Kiev

Screen shot 2013-11-23 at 3.11.33 PM

Winter is fun it’s the only time of year when you can pull out your ski bunny outfits, and take off to a cute little cottage in some mountainous region. (Don’t skimp on that hot chocolate either, Whip Cream it up!! ). The winter season is also the only time of year when you can visit your local Christmas markets for the holiday festivity filled fun.

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Ushanka’s Are Just Made For Winter Street Style

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.05.41 PM

Who could resist this well known Russian winter staple? Ushanka’s- Shapka’s are perfect for adding sophistication to winter wardrobes, + a bit of extra fun! Here are some (women & men) street style looks that have been spiced up by the wearer adding an Ushanka. + also included the wrong Faux Pas way to wear one.
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Vogue Russia’s Along The Petersburg Street Style


Well Matryosha’s don’t these images just scream bundle up The Russian winter is coming!? Vogue Russia’s “Along The Petersburg” is all about an ushanka clad model, who appears in haute couture pieces, thrown together with jeans for an equidistant look that could make for good street style.
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