Little Adults The Rich Kids In Russia

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Anna Skladmann’s project “Little Adults” has piqued my interests on the behaviour of Russia’s “newly rich” children. These children act and dress much older than they actually are. I think i’m amused by the fact Vogue and Tatler have influenced the way they pose and dress!  How the Little Adults project began; Anna Skladmann: ” You see, on that first trip to Moscow, I was about 14 and my parents took me to a masquerade ball. That was the first time I had any encounters with Russian children, and it struck me

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Elena Perminova’s Instagram Looks

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Elena Perminova’s life looks incredible from  all of the beautiful photo’s she puts up on instagram, where she showcases her elaborate wardrobe. Sometimes she’s flaunting her outfits on parisian balconies, or at swanky couture fashion events. Her style keeps me interested, not many can pull off her daring looks.

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