Russian Wedding Couture & A Bit Of The Traditional

Russian Wedding Couture & A Bit Of The Traditional

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 Tulle, embroidery and the colour white are some of the things that make up a wedding dress. In old Russia traditional wedding dresses were colourful, most were heavy, and the colour white represented sanctity. Going back to the more traditional days a bride would be expected to wear two gowns. One gown would be modest, and the second would be bright, to symbolize joy and happiness for the occasion. Well Matryoshka’s!! At first I was thinking that this post should be about modern day wedding dresses designed by Russian fashion designers. However, I think it would be nice to include what traditional wedding dresses looked like before western culture became the norm. And,before it forever changed the way russian bridal wear looked like. So be prepared to see past and present Russian made wedding dresses & to learn a bit about the history.

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A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled

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At times I find Alexandra Serova to be one of those elusive fashion designers; Photo’s of her collections are harder to find than say Alexander Terekhov’s, or Valentin Yudashkin’s..and when she posts on instagram the pictures are teasers (& not always the best quality). And yet, when you finally get a glimpse into this designers creative world- Continue reading “A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled”

Igor Gulyaev’s Limited Edition Wedding Dress

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Get ready to eat cake, and indulge in romantic notions during the short and sweet month of february! February is not only about Valentines day. -Don’t forget all things bride and bridal related are crammed into this little month also. Continue reading “Igor Gulyaev’s Limited Edition Wedding Dress”

Enteley’s Wedding Dress For the Woman Who Will Be Loved.

Enteley+Runway+MBFWR+F+W+2013+YKnjsGtUSB5lAngelica Agurbash

During the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013, Enteley (Eleanor Shaulova) showcased a collection dedicated to women who have had their hearts broken (but are still hopeful), and are finding themselves to be loved once more. The show stopper in Enteley’s collection was when singer Angelica Agurbash walked the runway in an extravagant ball-room style wedding dress, with a sweet-heart neckline.

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