Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

Think shades of ivory, and cascading layers that draw from hippie and bohemian influence creating that boho chic look that seems to resurface every summer.  I’m sure none of you are all that surprised to see the return of boho. But, Some of you might be surprised to know that whenever the bohemian style is involved, there is often a hint of irony lingering. The boho style never began as a fashion statement, in fact the style was often worn by women who were indifferent to fashion altogether. The bohemian style didn’t filter itself into the style scene until the women of the early 21st century wanted to discard their bourgeoisie reputation in favour of a spirited, raw, and nomadic style consisting of flowing skirts, and patterns with endless florals.
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Ulyana Sergeenko Always Loved Beautiful Things

Ulyana Sergeenko Always Loved Beautiful Things

Fotor0629161817I admire Ulyana Sergeenko’s eclectic taste for all things beautiful, for leaving an impression since her debut that lead to her becoming one of the most recognizable street style stars, now turned fashion designer. Tommy Ton and The Sartorialist’s Scott Shuman have cameras that have fallen in love with the Russian it girl. Is it her canvas like features we adore the most? Her porcelain skin? Her signature red lips? Ulyana takes risks, she wears vintage, all the while inspiring our whimsical fantasies of owning, and wearing couture the way she does. Continue reading “Ulyana Sergeenko Always Loved Beautiful Things”

Elle Fanning Seen In A Vika Gazinskaya Original!!


Privet Matryoshka’s! Vika Gazinskaya (your beloved Russian designer + it girl) has been having a lot of good fortune lately. First her collaboration with & Other Stories created a buzz by giving the lucky few who live across Europe access to buying at least one Vika original; And now her designs are finding themselves on recognizable faces. In this case Vika’s Decolette shoulder strap jumpsuit was spotted on Elle fanning-To be honest I barely know who this Elle Fanning is, I have a vague idea that she’s a celebrity- but what I do know is that Vika, or at least any designer in this case loves to see their work displayed on those who are going to be photographed and giving all that work the attention it deserves.  Continue reading “Elle Fanning Seen In A Vika Gazinskaya Original!!”

Ulyana Sergeenko Looks That’ll Inspire Spring Wardrobes


Spring, oh spring, where to begin?  The weather during this time of year is unpredictable, one moment you could be enjoying the sun filled day, and the next relentless April showers seem to instantly appear; and so begins the race to grab and open up an umbrella, or dive for cover within a cafe. You let off a sigh, perhaps a laugh as you tell off the rain: “you’re not going to ruin my perfectly coiffed locks today!”. It’s no wonder that Spring is a difficult season to dress for, and that’s why you need to be ready- to look your best at every possible moment- because you deserve it. Continue reading “Ulyana Sergeenko Looks That’ll Inspire Spring Wardrobes”

Just Two Cool Anya Ziourova Looks

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 9.01.37 AM

Anya Ziourova has made it on Vogues best dressed list and it’s no wonder when she is 1. A part of the Russian fashion pack, and 2. Actually has a muted-and-cool sort of style from time to time. The red-grey colour blocked dress she’s rocking in the first image is by Jason Wu, while the quilted sleeved jacket is by Balenciaga Continue reading “Just Two Cool Anya Ziourova Looks”

Miroslava Duma’s Look For Destination Kors: A Collaboration With Michael Kors

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 3.12.55 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s!! The Czarina is looking amazing in this neutral look for her collaboration with Michael Kors for Destination Kors. The camel colour is soft, while her red lips pulls together this chic camel look. Continue reading “Miroslava Duma’s Look For Destination Kors: A Collaboration With Michael Kors”

Miroslava Duma’s Oscar De La Renta Look

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 11.40.48 PM

Miroslava Duma is involved in a photo shoot for the famous fashion house of Oscar De la Renta, apparently it’s for a collaboration with Outnet (new). However what steals the show in this photo shoot is Mira’s stunning red and black dress. Look at it, that colour combo is sexy, and sinful. How many of you wish this could show up underneath your christmas trees? Continue reading “Miroslava Duma’s Oscar De La Renta Look”

Anya Ziourova’s Showing Off Bracelets From Chanel ART SS 2014


If you’re familiar with the Russian fashion pack (Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Ulyana Sergeenko and Vika Gazinskaya that etc.) then you’re also familiar with Anya Ziourova. The Russian it girl usually doesn’t capture my attention often, but today she has. Anya put up a photo of some unusual looking bracelets Continue reading “Anya Ziourova’s Showing Off Bracelets From Chanel ART SS 2014”

Elena Perminova’s Mixing Chanel & H&M

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 10.42.42 AM

I love this accessories only snap-shot from Elena Perminova’s instagram page, she’s mixing the high end and low end fashion once again. Elena’s noticeably wearing the sweater from Isabel Marant’s collaboration with H&M, with a Chanel bag (possibly the embossed metallic Continue reading “Elena Perminova’s Mixing Chanel & H&M”