What Mira Duma Wore To The Russian State Library

What Mira Duma Wore To The Russian State Library


I’m sure by now you guys can tell that I’m not all that great with coming up with a flashy title, but at least you know what I’m on about for the time being :p. Hmm at the moment the look that I’m loving is on Miroslava Duma. She wore the look out to a trip to the Russian state library, where the last Empress of Imperial Russia (Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova) personal library collection was on display, amongst books with special binding and embroidery.  Continue reading “What Mira Duma Wore To The Russian State Library”

Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection


Thoughts of the ballet takes our imagination to visions of ballerina’s plié’ing and twirling at the tips of their pointe shoes; in whimsical costumes almost as striking as their fluid, graceful dance movements. Julia Kalmanovich’s Spring Summer 2014 collection is inspired by the Ballet, with good reason. Continue reading “Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection”

Alexander Terekhov’s Stylish Winter Wear Pops

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 12.19.53 AMLoving this colour combination at the moment

I love the young Russian designers knack for designing clothing that I want in my possession ASAP! These Terekhov outfits are absolutely cute and couture. Alexander Terekhov’s ready to wear clothing is refreshing, and even a rare sight for a lot of Russian fashion is more a long the lines of being all Haute Couture, or formal- Continue reading “Alexander Terekhov’s Stylish Winter Wear Pops”