Irina Shayk Represents Россия At Sochi


The world watched the tale of Russia’s past unfold at Sochi’s olympic opening ceremony; guided by the Russian little girl named Lubov (Love) who walked viewers through Russian art, history and technology. For a while the ceremony was kept hush hush, no one knew what to expect- and I was surprised to see Irina Shayk!! Of course what better way is there to show off a country than to include the face of a well known model- known for her beauty, and femininity.(More photo’s are included) Continue reading “Irina Shayk Represents Россия At Sochi”

Ulyana Lopatkina To Perform For Sochi’s Olympic Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremonies for Sochi’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be kicking off come February 7th! There is a bit of mystery around the opening performance; Rumoured to have up to 1,000 performing artists to dazzle interested viewers. Continue reading “Ulyana Lopatkina To Perform For Sochi’s Olympic Opening Ceremony”