Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection


Thoughts of the ballet takes our imagination to visions of ballerina’s plié’ing and twirling at the tips of their pointe shoes; in whimsical costumes almost as striking as their fluid, graceful dance movements. Julia Kalmanovich’s Spring Summer 2014 collection is inspired by the Ballet, with good reason. Continue reading “Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection”

Miroslava Duma Supporting Moscow Designer Julia Kalmanovich

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Julia Kalmanovich is a Russian fashion designer, who has a Ready-To-Wear collection based out of both Moscow and New York. Julia’s line drew inspiration  from her mother’s classic style, the ballet, and a love for the dramatic. Miroslava Duma was recently spotted Continue reading “Miroslava Duma Supporting Moscow Designer Julia Kalmanovich”