Go Russia!! Will Fabio Capello Make It Happen For Our Russian Underdogs?

Russia-North Korea

Privet Matryoshka’s!! Finally we get to see the matches from Group H take place. One of the most interesting match ups taking place today is between Russia and South Korea. At the moment I’m anticipating the match, hoping to see Russia taste its first victory in the World Cup start up. With Fabio Capello as Russia’s coach- I’m optimistic as ever. There may be that loss of Russia’s midfielder Roman Shirokov due to an injury, and some might even start thinking that Russia won’t be able to play an expansive, attack minded game against their South Korean opponents, but that’s pessimism taking over- and there’s no room for that it’s #allin or nothing. Right now on the eve of today’s biggest game for Russia, i’m hoping to see their underdog status dissipate. And oh yeah, can you believe it??? Psy is going to be cheering on South Korea, guess you’ll have to watch the game today to see all of the action. Continue reading “Go Russia!! Will Fabio Capello Make It Happen For Our Russian Underdogs?”