Street Style Soft Pastels In Ivanovo


Pastels don’t have to be reserved for spring, instead the soft colour choice can be a go to for winter fashion when you want to have a warm and cozy look, like this girls outfit choice in Ivanovo Russia. Pastel’s in winter are also perfect for pairing with rose gold coloured accessories. And yes I like the fact this outfit includes a warm sweater, it’s practical and winter chic.
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Street Style Quilted Texture In Ivanovo


I really like the casual-dressy nature of this outfit, the sweater tones down the look and makes it perfect for day-wear, while without it’s an outfit meant for a night out on the town. I think the quilted texture of the dress is unique, and even I enjoy pairing tights underneath certain dress styles for the fall and winter seasons. The Ivanovo girl has a good look going for her, and that omber hair of hers really stands out against the deep hues of her outfit choice.

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