Happy Holidays To You All

Happy Holidays To You All

Hey everyone! I just want to wish all of you a happy holidays! I guess I will just say that you should take this time to enjoy memories, and moments with those you love! This year it’s my house that will be hosting Christmas dinner amongst family. So I decided to try out two new recipes that will act as side dishes. One recipe is a unique twist on stuffing. It has Kale, bread, chorizo and apples. While the second little recipe is all about Pita bread, olives, sliced almonds, asiago cheese and a hint of basil pesto. If these recipes turn out to be a crowd pleasure I will have to share them with you! (I did cook them in advance, and I think they’re delicious!) Anyways happy holidays once again! In the meantime here are a few Christmas inspired photos I couldn’t resist taking in the malls, and in my home. Continue reading “Happy Holidays To You All”

January 7th Is Orthodox Christmas And A Time For Ded Moroz & Yolka

merry_russian_christmas_by_weasley_achemist93-d4jg8qrMerry Christmas

13 days have passed since Christmas was celebrated on December 25th, and now it’s Christmas all over again! The date of January 7th is when Christmas takes place on the Eastern Orthodox calendar, and when Russian, and Ukrainian Orthodox Christians get to celebrate the holiday. In Russia December 25th is not a holiday and individuals still have to work. Continue reading “January 7th Is Orthodox Christmas And A Time For Ded Moroz & Yolka”

Happy Holidays: The Christmas Scene In Russia & The Ukraine

01-xmas-in-st-petersburgChristmas fair in Alexandrovskiy Garden in St. Petersburg, December 14, 2010.

Privet Festive Matryoshka’s!!! Imagine how beautiful this time of year is when Christmas lights shine brightly on Russian and Ukrainian streets. Think of the snow on the ground setting a picture perfect scene, reminiscent of a holiday card. I would like to wish all of you who are celebrating today a Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy your day, and to mark this special occasion I’m including beautiful images from both Russia and the Ukraine around this joyous time of year. (I’ll also be wishing my Orthodox Matryoshka’s a Merry christmas come January 7th).  + Hoping these pictures put you in the holiday mood in case it hasn’t reached you yet!

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What Christmas Looks Like In Tsum Deparment Stores

Fullscreen capture 1252013 41937 PM.bmpTsum Holiday Window Display 2013

I’m a sucker for holiday festivities and decorations- and Tsum seems to be spreading some of the christmas cheer with both! The famous department store fully prepared itself for the arrival of Christmas by having Santa visit the store, a children’s christmas tree, gift wrapping stations and other kid friendly activities. Here are the photo’s of what Tsum has morphed into during this special time of year!
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Russian Holiday Cuisine With A Twist

Russian Holiday Cuisine With A Twist


Are all of those gifts are for me?! Sigh a girl can dream right?

Privet my lovely matryoshka’s today’s post is a bit more festive and fun, this post actually has nothing to do with fashion, in fact this specific thing causes controversy when associated with fashion. The specific thing you ask is none other than food- and what’s better than regular food, is food for the holidays. Those holiday eats can’t be beat! So if you’re finished with your holiday shopping, and are now looking for some new cuisine ideas to show off your Continue reading “Russian Holiday Cuisine With A Twist”