Elena Perminova’s Style For Bringing Home Baby

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Privet Matryoshka’s, Here’s the first look of Elena Perminova stepping out with her pink, swaddled, bundle of joy. The Czarina, and happy mother of three posted the image to instagram 8 hours ago. Congratulations to her!!! In a way this reminds me of when Kate Middleton first stepped out of the hospital with baby George- (Minus the paparazzi, and the anticipation for a royal birth)- how the duchess of Cambridge wore a blue dress because she had a baby boy; While Elena (Czarina of the Russian fashion pack) decided to wear all pink for having a baby girl. I’m also adoring those shoes. Her outfits cute too!

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“It’s A Girl” For Elena Perminova

“It’s A Girl” For Elena Perminova

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Elena Perminova has had her third child with her partner Alexander Lebedev, and it’s a baby girl!! The happy mother posted the news to her instagram page on April 9th! And with that news here’s a look back at some of her stylish maternity wear looks. And no I’m not suggesting that this post is offering maternity wear tips to mother-to be’s out there, it’s just a look back at how Elena stayed true to her status as one of the Russian it girls, by being stylish with each of her baby bumps (from 2011 to present.). Continue reading ““It’s A Girl” For Elena Perminova”