TBT: Elena Perminova And The Cropped Trench

TBT: Elena Perminova And The Cropped Trench


Everyone knows that a wardrobe can’t be considered complete without having a trench coat. Once used in the military to keep officers and soldiers alike dry, the iconic wardrobe staple has adapted to a new life, where the stylish now dig through their wardrobes to find their trenches to wear for the fall season. Elena Perminova’s cropped Burberry trench has piqued my interests, it’s a re-vamped version of a classic; It’s even double breasted. This TBT post is not only about the cropped trench that I’m envious of (it looks incredible from the front and back btw), but of the details, and accessories Elena chose to wear with three different looks that accompanied the iconic wardrobe staple. Continue reading “TBT: Elena Perminova And The Cropped Trench”

Lyubov For Miroslava Duma’s Mint Burberry Coat


I lyubov how Miroslava Duma has made this burberry coat into a creation of her own- instead of pairing the Burberry coat with a statement necklace (she had the room for one on that mint top), she opted for a gorgeous gem-detailed belt.The double angora shell coat is in the colour “green stone”-

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Elena Perminova’s Metallic Burberry Trench


The start of the new year offers many the excuse to validate their need for style evaluations, wardrobe changes, and most likely newly styled hair. That platinum blonde bob of Elena’s re-vamped the czarina’s entire look at the start of 2013.  (These images of her were taken back when she attended the Elie Saab 2013 Haute Couture show). Continue reading “Elena Perminova’s Metallic Burberry Trench”

Vogue Japan’s Featuring Elena Perminova In February

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Well it looks like Vogue Japan’s February issue has been taken over by the Russian’s. Elena Perminova’s joining Natasha Poly (Natasha made the cover) in the February issue! You can see the Czarina is featured on one of the pages in the magazine for a feature on rings…and more 😉 (updated post)

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