Yulia Yanina’s SS 2016 Ballet Inspired Collection

Yulia Yanina’s SS 2016 Ballet Inspired Collection

Cementing the link between Russia and France’s history of an age old art form, Yanina’s Spring Summer 2016 collection brings history and culture together through ballet. Yanina’s inspirations shine through in her latest haute couture collection that uses embroidery, velvets, feathers, and tulle amid dresses that appear weightless, and conceal in a tasteful way.

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Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia


Ballet has never reminded me of  warmer seasons; seasons where flowers are in bloom, to nights when the heat makes it impossible to fall asleep. Ballet simply suits the mood of winter, when the ground is covered by frost, or thick blankets of fresh snow. Perhaps the ethereal white of the ballerina’s costume projects a look I perceive as cold, perhaps that’s my reason for a ballerina-winter association. Anyway, Vogue Russia featured a spread titled “Ballet & Drama” Continue reading “Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia”

Vogue Russia’s Ballerina Inspired Photo Shoot

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Latvian Model: Ginta Lapina

This Ballet inspired photo shoot graced the pages of Vogue Russia one year after the film release of Black Swan. The shoot subtly drew from the film, using elements of seduction, and sensuality to derail the senses, which Ginta Lapina exuded said seduction with ease. Vincent Peters may have taken the photo’s years ago, yet the images are timeless. There are no white swans here…

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