Mysterious Russian Models & Socialites Of Instagram

Mysterious Russian Models & Socialites Of Instagram

Privet Everyone, as you all know I’ve written countless posts dedicated to the Czarinas in the past. When Zaychishka Style was starting off I dedicated the majority of my posts to Russian/Ukrainian fashion, to the designers, history and of course the Style Icons. Now if any of you are  unfamiliar with the Czarians (aka the Russian Fashion pack/ style icons) they are Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Anya Ziourova. However these ladies have come a long way from their stylish beginnings known for being in front of the cameras outside of Fashion Week. (And there lives have lead them in different directions so it’s not the same anymore! Although I’m sure some of them are still freinds to this day)

As for today I’m going to introduce you to some mysterious ‘Russians’ that I keep seeing all over instagram that are renowned for their style, enlarged pouts, plastic surgery,  and large Instagram following. Many of these ladies are apparently models/ socialites that we hardly know anything about! I feel like a lot of these women are trying hard to market their ‘artificial features’ to become Instagram famous. What are your thoughts? Let me know at the end of this post. And yes, I apologize in advance that this is kind of a junkie post but it’s light reading, a little fun, and can satisfy your curioisty..since I know a lot of you out there seem to love my ‘Spouses of the Russian it Girls post’ (that manages to be a top post each and every single day for some strange reason). PS. This post just fits in to my ‘Fun post of the day’ section perfectly.

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Alena Esipova’s A Mystery + Her Cool & Chic Look

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Not much is known about Alena Esipova other than the details of her love for selfies, Nutella (no one can resist Nutella’s delectable nature and charm), and that she can dazzle me with her ombre locks on occasion. Alena also appears to be an aspiring Russian model, sharing similar features with Irina shayk, who she’s compared to on a daily basis. She’s also a hit on instagram with close to 200,000 followers- Da, me, myself, and I are one of them. Continue reading “Alena Esipova’s A Mystery + Her Cool & Chic Look”