Elena Perminova’s New Earrings

Elena Perminova’s New Earrings

Privet Matryoshkas!  I decided to do some quickstyle Instagram browsing tonight and I just had to check out what’s going on in Elena Perminova’s fashionable world. I feel like her IG pictures have really made up for her Fashion Week Style that  in my opinion channeled the 90’s fused with the Matrix Reloaded- and fairytales? Now let’s talk about her incredible bow and pearl earrings. I have no idea who makes them, but I’m definitely swooning at the sight of them. I’m also loving the look she’s pulling off in her black, form fitted dress,- it reminds me of Olga Seryabkina in the Serebro music video for Gun; which I’ve included below! (Olga is one of the singers from my favourite overtly sexual Russian trio, pop groups Serebro)  Continue reading “Elena Perminova’s New Earrings”

My First D.I.Y: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Fairy Tale Purse

My First D.I.Y: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Fairy Tale Purse


Privet Matryoshka’s, ever since I laid my eyes on Ulyana Sergeenko’s lovely wooden purses from her Spring-Summer 2013 collection I’ve been head over heels in love! What I loved about these purses from the beginning are that they noticeably have a care-free, whimsical quality- and with a certain subtlety they even preserve Russian culture. How? What?!?Where is this culture being concealed & preserved ?? Hehe, well if you look at Ulyana’s purses (check out the  “Unexpected Love” post if you’re unfamiliar with these wooden boxes) you will see that she added elements from both Russian folk and fairy tales in the designing process. Continue reading “My First D.I.Y: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Fairy Tale Purse”

Elena Perminova In H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection

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With legs like these I’m sure you can recognize who this is in the photo; even if you didn’t really read the title with the give-away name add in! But if you still can’t tell who I’m referring to, these long legs belong to Elena Perminova! Seriously who else has legs like this?! So the Czarina hasn’t been a furious instagramer lately (and I’m missing the outfits she comes up with), but what Elena has been showing off is some of her new H&M goodies; Continue reading “Elena Perminova In H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Collection”

Yana Raskovalova’s The Queen Of Russian Jewellers


Yana Raskovalova is a Russian Jeweller, her designs look pretty and unique. She’s a designer who has a thing for Cameo’s (ode to the past), and loves to make tassels. Yana often uses materials like gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, ivory, bone, wood, Florentine mosaic, shell, coral and agate cameos in her work. Yana also has quite a few collections some of which are titled “Scent of a Continue reading “Yana Raskovalova’s The Queen Of Russian Jewellers”

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Embroidered Sunglasses


Embroidery the “craft of two hands” retains an air of regality, once considered a mark of wealth. The ornamental hand craft found common places within The Medieval Islamic World, the expansive Ottoman Empire, to Russia’s traditional folk dress and, yes; culture. Continue reading “Ulyana Sergeenko’s Embroidered Sunglasses”

My Moda, My Style: It’s The Accessories


I love Russian fashion, and the Czarina’s who put a face to Russia’s style scene, yes I know I show favouritism to Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma on a weekly basis. So for some relief from the Czarina’s, I thought I’d dedicate a little post to the three accessories I personally love to add to my own outfits when I’m in my own “it needs something elegant doesn’t it? sort of mood“.

Continue reading “My Moda, My Style: It’s The Accessories”