A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled

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At times I find Alexandra Serova to be one of those elusive fashion designers; Photo’s of her collections are harder to find than say Alexander Terekhov’s, or Valentin Yudashkin’s..and when she posts on instagram the pictures are teasers (& not always the best quality). And yet, when you finally get a glimpse into this designers creative world- Continue reading “A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled”

A. Serova Evening Wear Looks To Love

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Privet adorable matryoshka dolls!! Today’s blog post features evening wear that I really couldn’t resist blogging about. Alexandra Serova first showcased this sexy evening collection during the 2012 Volvo fashion week held in Moscow. These dazzling dresses (and Lingerie!) were made to entrance any man who set eyes upon the wearer

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