Lyubov Xenia Sobchak’s Summer Outfit

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 12.32.10 PMRight: Xenia Sobchak

Xenia Sobchak, today i’m admiring your outfit’s summer colours right down to the last detail. But, it’s definitely your handbag that’s taken the center stage, as the star of the show; It’s mint, vintage inspired, and sooo chic! The lovely wooden handbag is by Buwood and Continue reading “Lyubov Xenia Sobchak’s Summer Outfit”

Hilfiger’s Great Outdoors Poncho On Mira: PFW


I love Hilfiger’s collection sure he’s by no means a Russian or Ukrainian fashion designer; but one of the items from his mountain escape (fall/winter 2014) collection found itself on our it girl, Miroslava Duma. Mira wore the poncho out for Paris Continue reading “Hilfiger’s Great Outdoors Poncho On Mira: PFW”

Naseeb’s and Mira’s Chloé & Dior

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 8.21.02 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s the street style from fashion week never seems to end! This time Miroslava Duma is hanging out with her good friend; the Russian born, American educated fashion consultant Nasiba [Naseebs] Adilova (she works for Mira’s Buro 24/7). The pair matched in white Continue reading “Naseeb’s and Mira’s Chloé & Dior”

TBT: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Red Flower

TBT:  Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Red Flower


It’s almost friday, and I’m choosing to celebrate with a throw back thursday post featuring the lovely Ulyana Sergeenko, and a red flower. All eyes fell on Ulyana when Tommy Ton snapped a photo of the czarina back in October 2011- envision this; Ulyana was wearing an iconic Louis Vuitton and Richard Prince nurse ensemble, in the image she was captured looking at herself through a gilded mirror (I included the pic in case your curiosity’s been peaked). –

Continue reading “TBT: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Red Flower”

Miroslava Duma’s Traditional Russian Ensemble


I can never resist a post dedicated to a look that screams out ” Privet, I’m Russian”- and when traditional elements inspire fashion designers. Mira’s outfit was made by the Russian designer Anastasia Romantsova- whose line is called A La Russe.

Now, what I love about Mira’s outfit has nothing to do with being trendy, and I don’t expect any of you to look at Mira’s outfit and shout “I want that look for myself/ or on myself now!!”- I know this outfit doesn’t have obvious sex appeal, and it can’t be described as chic; [more photo’s below] Continue reading “Miroslava Duma’s Traditional Russian Ensemble”

A Simply Sweet Babushka Look

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 10.09.48 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s!! I don’t think this look can get anymore Russian Babushka than this (okay maybe it could if the two women making delicious blini, or pelmeni. Yum!! ). I’m calling the look Babushka, but not in a bad way. I’m loving the look for there’s a certain old world russian charm here. Yes it’s that fur, and the head-scarfs that create a look from Russia with love.- Continue reading “A Simply Sweet Babushka Look”

Czarina Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

Fotor0121123541Paris fashion Week is the busiest time of year for photographers, and “it” girls alike, showing us the concrete catwalk is just as important a place as the runway; for fashion. There’s something amusing to this, the sidewalk, the walkways are where the most fashionable are “snapped”, fuelling our obsession, our need for this street style.

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Street Style Boyfriend Chic In Kiev

Fotor0117130055Middle photo is Of Kiev’s main street called: Kreschatik Street

When you think of the Ukraine visions of fashion forward women come to mind, they share this similarity with their Russian neighbours. There’s something about both of these countries women that intimidate North American women. The Ukrainian women would not succumb to the fashion faux pas of leaving the house in ones “jammies”- Remember this horrific trend that unleashed a wrath of ill-dressing slobbery? Continue reading “Street Style Boyfriend Chic In Kiev”