Details To Love From Yulia Yanina


Yulia Yanina’s creations are what dreams are made of, described as being”a mixture of different emotions, states of mind, a balanced combination of a classical and a romantic style, amidst complexity, simplicity, rigour and minimalism.” The Yanina brand is renowned for hand crafted garments, inspired by films, books and countries Yulia’s seen, read and visited. Continue reading “Details To Love From Yulia Yanina”

Miroslava Duma Wearing Vika Gazinskaya

Screen shot 2014-01-16 at 10.02.07 AM

Vika Gazinskaya is known for creating outfits that often come with a lot of volume, intriguing prints, and geometric silhouettes. Miroslava Duma is showing off one of Vika’s top’s from her Spring-Summer 2014 collection. The top which rests off the shoulder, has the iconic Vika touches with a polka dot print, on pale blue fabric. This top goes well with pearl accessories which Mira’s demonstrating! Continue reading “Miroslava Duma Wearing Vika Gazinskaya”

Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection

Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection


As I type this I’m listening to the soundtrack by Dmitry Shurov- I dared myself to press play on the “A La Russe” website, and you know- I’m not even disappointed by my choice. The soundtrack captures the sound of a lazy summer spent by the sea (Russian, English and French singing is heard), as does Anastasia Romantsova’s A La Russe’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Continue reading “Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection”

Igor Gulyaev Favours Spring In Spring-Summer 2014 Paradise Collection

igor gulyaev ss14

Privet Matryoshka’s! Spring is the most passionate of the seasons; where both nature and human’s senses are awakened after a winter long coma; where flowers and romance find themselves equally in bloom. There’s no surprise here when spring takes center stage as one of the most influential seasons in fashion, often lending it’s florals, and pastel hues to the runway.Igor Gulyaev’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection is titled “Paradise”. Continue reading “Igor Gulyaev Favours Spring In Spring-Summer 2014 Paradise Collection”

When Alexander Terekhov Brought Alice To Life

Alice In Wonderland

Alexander Terekhov “always loved Alice as a character, because she is kind, sweet and beautiful.” The Russian  designer used nine meters of blue taffeta to make the fantasy of Alice In Wonderland into a reality. Terekhov’s Alice showcases a transition from Alice’s time as a youth, and into a grown woman. Continue reading “When Alexander Terekhov Brought Alice To Life”

Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection


Thoughts of the ballet takes our imagination to visions of ballerina’s plié’ing and twirling at the tips of their pointe shoes; in whimsical costumes almost as striking as their fluid, graceful dance movements. Julia Kalmanovich’s Spring Summer 2014 collection is inspired by the Ballet, with good reason. Continue reading “Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection”

Yana Raskovalova’s Frosty Lace Presentation, With Guests In Outfits That Stole The Show

660x506_Quality100_d4e7d971b19e5acdc1c2935e7be00dacYana Raskovalova, Anna Makarova and Polina Kitsenko

It looks like Yana Raskovalova provided guests with a fabulous evening out, enhanced by details that went into the interior decor, (and food). Decorations included curtains made of beads, icicles, fir branches and cones. Yana’s wintry details enriched the presentation of her new jewellery collection “Frosty Lace”. Continue reading “Yana Raskovalova’s Frosty Lace Presentation, With Guests In Outfits That Stole The Show”

Yana Raskovalova’s The Queen Of Russian Jewellers


Yana Raskovalova is a Russian Jeweller, her designs look pretty and unique. She’s a designer who has a thing for Cameo’s (ode to the past), and loves to make tassels. Yana often uses materials like gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, ivory, bone, wood, Florentine mosaic, shell, coral and agate cameos in her work. Yana also has quite a few collections some of which are titled “Scent of a Continue reading “Yana Raskovalova’s The Queen Of Russian Jewellers”

Vika Gazinskaya’s FW 2013/2014 ChildLike Inspired Collection


Vika Gazinskaya’s Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 ready to wear collection for women takes on a childlike appearance. Vika’s collection features architectural silhouettes, the cheeky details and voluminous shapes reminiscent of the style from cocoon coats. The collection’s pieces are meant to add a bit of glamour to practicality in outfits meant to ward off winter’s cold snap. Continue reading “Vika Gazinskaya’s FW 2013/2014 ChildLike Inspired Collection”

Kira Plastinina’s Olympic Inspired Dresses For Sochi 2014

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 9.18.57 PMI am loving the black details

Privet Matryoshka’s today’s post features the young Russian(& American) fashion designer Kira Plastinina. Her capsule creations were inspired by the upcoming 2014 winter olympics that will be held in Sochi, Russia.  The evening gown styled Continue reading “Kira Plastinina’s Olympic Inspired Dresses For Sochi 2014”