Stunning Moscow Metro Fashion Photograpghy

Stunning Moscow Metro Fashion Photograpghy

One of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects involved baroque decor, high vaulted ceilings, grand murals and chandeliers. A place named “palaces for the people” by Joseph Stalin; Moscows Metro is home to the work of the former Soviet Era architects (Vladimir Schucko, Vladimir Gelfreich and Igor Rozhin, Elektrozavodskaya– to name a few), and happens to be included on the worlds list for being the most luxurious subway stations in the world. When photographer Alena Nikiforova took her vision to the underground of Moscow, transforming the metro into an artist’s atelier the results were stunning. Alena Is a photographer known for her avant guarde style, and enjoys to use milk, and juice with her subjects to create her photos. As for these images of Moscow Metro Fashion..what are your thoughts? Gilded? Ethereal?

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Helena Bordon Wearing Alexander Terekhov In “Brazilian Carnivale”


The Brazilian carnivale photo shoot for Glamour Russia is crossing continents!! First it’s featuring the brazilian style blogger Helena Bordon, second the shoot’s set in Paris, and third the beauty is show-casing one of Alexander Terekhov’s ( the Russian fashion designer) capsule collection dress! The shoot is a feast for the eyes, my favourite besides Terekhov’s lovely dress creation- is the dress by Emse Vie with it’s ombre tired shades of pink. Continue reading “Helena Bordon Wearing Alexander Terekhov In “Brazilian Carnivale””

Elena Perminova’s Chanel Story For InStyle Russia

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 8.59.52 PM

Elena is showing off her Chanel couture story photo’s from Russia’s InStyle Magazine! The Czarina is wearing Chanel (of course!)- but the hat looks like it’s from Chanel’s fall 2013 collection- the very collection that was showcased on a runway described as being old world meets new- Continue reading “Elena Perminova’s Chanel Story For InStyle Russia”

Elena Perminova’s In A Ulyana Sergeenko Photo Shoot

Screen shot 2013-12-29 at 2.19.53 PM

Soft, dreamy, romantic- are the three words that best describe Ulyana Sergeenko’s photo shoot, featuring Elena Perminova. Sergeenko’s designs are renowned for embracing femme details, soft touches, and are often inspired by vintage themes. Our Russian it girl is looking beautiful in Sergeenko’s flowy styled dress. Elena’s definitely glowing! (update I’ve added more photo’s from the shoot) Continue reading “Elena Perminova’s In A Ulyana Sergeenko Photo Shoot”

Natasha Poly Will Be On The Cover For Vogue Japan’s February 2014 Issue

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 1.55.27 PM

Privet Matryoshka’s!! The Russian model recently made the cover for Vogue China’s January 2014 issue, and now she’s going to be on the cover of Vogue Japan’s February 2014 issue (By Patrick Demarchelier). Continue reading “Natasha Poly Will Be On The Cover For Vogue Japan’s February 2014 Issue”

Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia


Ballet has never reminded me of  warmer seasons; seasons where flowers are in bloom, to nights when the heat makes it impossible to fall asleep. Ballet simply suits the mood of winter, when the ground is covered by frost, or thick blankets of fresh snow. Perhaps the ethereal white of the ballerina’s costume projects a look I perceive as cold, perhaps that’s my reason for a ballerina-winter association. Anyway, Vogue Russia featured a spread titled “Ballet & Drama” Continue reading “Drama & Ballet From Vogue Russia”

The Anastasia Of Winter Russian Inspired From Vogue Japan


This fantasy photo shoot graced the pages of Vogue Japan in the December 2013 issue, with a very Russian theme and title to match “The Anastasia of Winter”. Wintry scenes hold common place throughout the images, the model’s makeup is even reminiscent of a matryoshka doll. The photo shoot was Styled by Giovanna Battaglia , and photographed by Emma Summerton. It’s even hard to by-pass the models striking Russian red lip colour that pops out against the snowy, milky white scenes.

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Irna Vodolazova In Elle Russia’s Folklore Inspired Spread

Irina-Tallgard-20121023-03-1The look of confidence when true love prevails

She stills herself, hearing the faint canter of a horse in the distance; a sound that appears to grow louder with her own rhythmic heart beat, now thundering away in her chest. She’s confident her heroic (and trust me Matryoshka’s in this tale the hero’s dashingly handsome) Bogatyr has come to save her from a life with a brutish Slavic rogue. Continue reading “Irna Vodolazova In Elle Russia’s Folklore Inspired Spread”

Behind The Scene’s of Vogue Russia’s Parisian Cabaret Photo Shoot For December

146a81b198464e9c89fc44e43108bf4fMaryna Linchuk

I love the details in this behind the scenes glimpse of Vogue Russia’s December 2013 issue, the spread features one of the oldest Parisian cabaret’s “Folies bergere”. The star attraction is Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk, who is seen in Haute Couture pieces by Elie Saab, Valentino, Dior and even features a dress by the Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

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