More About It: Vika Gazinskaya For “& Other Stories”

More About It: Vika Gazinskaya For “& Other Stories”


Vika Gazinskaya’s instagram is buzzing with sneak previews from her SS 2014 capsule collaboration collection for & Other Stories. I think the Russian street style star/ Fashion Designer is pretty excited to be able to expand her audience and make her pieces more widely available to those residing in Europe. Gazinskaya’s collection will be available May 5th, and will first be appearing in the Paris’s Colette store + on their website . By May 15th the collaboration will then be made available to all & Other Stories stores across Europe. Continue reading “More About It: Vika Gazinskaya For “& Other Stories””

Vika Gazinskaya’s Collaboration With “& Other Stories”

Vika Gazinskaya’s Collaboration With “& Other Stories”


Vika Gazinskaya is up to something exciting! The Russian it girl and Fashion Designer is collaborating with the Swedish brand “& Other stories”. A brand that was first launched in March 2013, and is owned by the H&M group. Vika’s collaboration is full of multi-coloured polka-dot print on neutral canvases, scribble print; + Vika’s trademark for using volumes and natural fabrics like silks, cotton and linens are being included. The SS 2014 capsule collection will have accessories like shoes and scarves, and of course there will be dresses, blouses, pants and trenches to pair them with. The collection is fun, feminine, cheerful and a little bit child-like. Enjoy.  Continue reading “Vika Gazinskaya’s Collaboration With “& Other Stories””

Melancholy In Pitchouguina’s Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Collection

Melancholy In Pitchouguina’s Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Collection


Imagine yourself caught in an unexpected moment, when emotions take over; taking you through highs and lows; Emotions are plastered for all to see on our faces, and heard within our voices. Pitchouguina is a brand based on emotions, specifically awkward behaviours, and dreamy attitudes. For Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Pitchouguina’s collection revolved around  naked tree’s, and foot prints left in the snow resembling a melancholic mood. Continue reading “Melancholy In Pitchouguina’s Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Collection”

Vika Gazinskaya’s 2014 F/W Collection Gets Futuristic


Vika Gazinskaya’s Fall winter 2014 campaign is taking on a futuristic approach!! The Russian fashion designers collection features clothes with tattoo details on delicate “powdery-tissues”, pastels, wide ruffles and outfits with structure- depicted in true look-book fashion, where Photographer and video artist Ernest Yakovlev took images, and made them into a modern video version, to delight true Vika fans. Here’s the link to the Video on Buro 24/7.

Continue reading “Vika Gazinskaya’s 2014 F/W Collection Gets Futuristic”

Alexander Terekhov’s F/W 2014/15 Pre Collection: Does It Lack Originality?

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 3.27.55 PM

I hope you’re ready for the arrival of the fall and winter 2014/15 pre collections!! Today’s pre collection up for your viewing pleasure is from Alexander Terekhov. Terekhov’s ready to wear collection for the next fall and winter season sticks to luxe minimalism. In other words the collection is very simple; some of the dresses take to bright colours, while others are on the play it safe neutral side. Continue reading “Alexander Terekhov’s F/W 2014/15 Pre Collection: Does It Lack Originality?”

A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled

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At times I find Alexandra Serova to be one of those elusive fashion designers; Photo’s of her collections are harder to find than say Alexander Terekhov’s, or Valentin Yudashkin’s..and when she posts on instagram the pictures are teasers (& not always the best quality). And yet, when you finally get a glimpse into this designers creative world- Continue reading “A. Serova’s Russian Wedding Dress Unveiled”

Igor Gulyaev’s Limited Edition Wedding Dress

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 7.50.17 PM

Get ready to eat cake, and indulge in romantic notions during the short and sweet month of february! February is not only about Valentines day. -Don’t forget all things bride and bridal related are crammed into this little month also. Continue reading “Igor Gulyaev’s Limited Edition Wedding Dress”

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Paris Couture Show SS 2014


Privet Matryoshka’s Paris Fashion Week is lashing out with a vengeance- it’s everywhere!! Guests who attended Ulyana Sergeenko’s couture show on January 21st, 2014, watched models walk a runway that took the form of a sleeper car; that one might see on a train. The Russian Designer’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection told guests a story, and reflected the culture, and nature of three former Soviet Republics: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Continue reading “Ulyana Sergeenko’s Paris Couture Show SS 2014”

Details To Love From Yulia Yanina


Yulia Yanina’s creations are what dreams are made of, described as being”a mixture of different emotions, states of mind, a balanced combination of a classical and a romantic style, amidst complexity, simplicity, rigour and minimalism.” The Yanina brand is renowned for hand crafted garments, inspired by films, books and countries Yulia’s seen, read and visited. Continue reading “Details To Love From Yulia Yanina”

Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection

Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection


As I type this I’m listening to the soundtrack by Dmitry Shurov- I dared myself to press play on the “A La Russe” website, and you know- I’m not even disappointed by my choice. The soundtrack captures the sound of a lazy summer spent by the sea (Russian, English and French singing is heard), as does Anastasia Romantsova’s A La Russe’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Continue reading “Summer’s Calling: A La Russe’s SS 2014 Collection”