A little more about me…


What is the Zaychishka Style blog about?

In the beginning Zaychishka Style was strictly about Russian and Ukrainian fashion, while including culture, and history. I also wasn’t the best at blogging since it felt like an experiment, from what to write to the layout of my blog. But lately the blog has been evolving over time to incorporate some of my own fashion misadventures. Like my time at Fashion Week, or meeting Rebecca Minkoff. There’s also some of my personal style, to personal likes, opinions, and lifestyle blog posts that will hopefully be helpful/ of use to my readers and other bloggers alike.

And of course Zaychishka Style is also about bringing awareness to Russia’s fashion forward scene. From the clothing, the history, the style icons, and even the food the odd time. This blog is a mix, with an admiration for fashion.

What clothing/ items/makeup etc do you own and find to be the most versatile and effective in transforming your personal style and day to day look?

1). A good trench coat..I have one that is this beautiful Navy colour, it’s deep and rich..and can dress you up immediately whether you’re wearing something a little more casual underneath..a trench coat can conceal casualness in an instant… instant transformation for the girl on the go who always wants to look chic.

2). Lipstick!! I never leave my house without having at least one lipstick in my purse. Lipstick really brightens up an individuals look. (my favourite lipsticks are Mac’s retro Matte All Fired up, and Estee Lauder lipstick in Candy Shimmer.)

3). Hair extensions!! I have become a clip in hair extension addict. I love the appeal, to be able to wear my hair naturally at a medium length, and then have that option to have mermaid hair is ahh-mazing!

4). A cute pair of heels is a yes- Shoes can make a big impact on your overall look !! I love my Valentino Rockstud’s they are the most versatile shoe I own..you can use them for casual to dressier events, and I find them to be iconic. And make sure you choose an offbeat colour with this shoe..because there are too many red and poudre rockstuds out there.

5). Ear Cuffs. I’m obsessed with ear cuffs- they can turn your look into “insta-cool” when you’re in need of rocking a simple statement piece.

Who are your favourite designers?

I admire Karl Lagerfeld, who I find to be this eccentric powerhouse of an individual..who can maintain three fashion houses, while keeping each independent and unique from the other, keeping them true to their own identity. I also love all of the Italian fashion houses, Valentino in particular. I’m also admiring Diane Von Furstenburg’s fashion house, and I’m guilty of watching her reality show “House Of DVF”.

Who is your style crush?

Elena Perminova!! She has an amazing sense of style, and on top of that she is a philanthropist. & Irina Shayk since she has more of this effortless style that reminds me of the everyday girl, minus her growing Birkin bag collection.

Favourite travel destinations?

I love every country I visit, but the most memorable are Mexico, Greece, and Austria. I wish to travel the entire globe, one day.

Where do you live?

If I was asked this question when I was growing up my answer would be British Columbia, Canada. However, in 2016 found out that once you  take a leap to leave home, you’re destined to keep on moving, to keep on traveling. Since then I have called Sint Maarten the ‘friendly island’ in the Caribbean my home where I lived for a year. I’ve also lived in Preston  Lancashire, in the United Kingdom,  New York’s Manhattan, and now I’m residing in Pennsylvania. 

What topics do you enjoy writing about the most?

I love writing about anything that has motivated me. Some of my personal favourites are my blog posts dedicated to the great fashion houses and how Russia has been a prominent influence in their designs, and clothing. Ie. “Excuse My Russian Chanel, Dior’s Amorous Affair With Russia, and YSL 1976.” Just look at how Chanel’s earliest garments were adorned with Russian styled beading and embroidery, and Chanel N5 was created with the help of a Russian perfumer..


Advice for future Fashion Bloggers:

Don’t give up, and just experiment with your writing style, your  daily musings, and learn how to have fun with your blog posts. When you become a blogger you are also your own editor, photographer, journalist, PR & marketing individual all in one. Also don’t be afraid to be true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to do things differently.




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