Blue Coat & A Paloma Piccaso Handbag

statement coat

Yesterday I had an errand to run with my husband, and with winter still clinging on in Pennsylvania, I decided to throw on a wool coat, and a small crossbody bag. As you can see, I wanted to look put together yet appear casual, and if you break down the look there are only two items that elevate my outfit. First, it is the statement coat that draws the most attention due to the colour. I am also confident that at first glance you are not noticing that I am wearing Lululemon leggings, a Hanes pullover or my UGG boots. If you think of it, these clothing choices are extremely casual items on their own. Secondly, I am wearing a handbag that is by a brand that not many people even know of, as it is now considered a defunct fashion label.

As a fashion blogger, I do not like perpetuating the idea that my readers only need luxury items, or to spend large amounts of money on clothing to look their best. I believe that any outfit has potential, it just depends on how you finish off the look. This is where investment pieces come in handy, and once again I am not saying that an investment piece must be a luxury item. But I would encourage you to shop for pieces that will wear well, and are quality made. Now I will admit that I do own a few luxury items in my closet, but the latter of what I own is on the affordable side. I will say that if you really want luxury clothing, it is easier to get. I have come across so many luxury items for a fraction of their original price on past shopping trips to Nordstrom Rack. As for luxury accessories, the ones that are the most affordable are items that are not a brand’s classic and usually end up at discount shops.

Coat: Calvin Klein. Leggings: Lululemon Wunder Trains. Boots: UGG Keely. Sweater: Hanes Soft sweats EcoSmart . Handbag: Paloma Picasso. Sunglasses: Vintage Porsche Carrera’s

Investment pieces can even be a vintage/ thrifted find, once I walked into a consignment shop located in Downtown Vancouver and spotted a handbag with golden Xs on it. The bottom of the bag read ‘By Paloma Picasso’, whom I never heard of, the only Picasso I was familiar with was Pablo Picasso. After more than a decade of owning this handbag, I am interested in finding pieces that not everyone has access to. I love having this handbag in my collection because of the fact that not many will have it, and to me sometimes that is more exciting than this odd culture of luxury and showing off how much money you have from the clothing you wear. I would rather be the person to do things differently, and not always follow the masses.

“I consider it a politeness to be well dressed,” – Paloma Picasso

xox Zaychishka

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