OOTD: Affordable & Eco-friendly Amazon Find

hanes EcoSmart

We are finally seeing established brands getting into sustainable manufacturing methods when it comes to the clothing they produce. We are also seeing brands develop new textile techniques, to figuring out how recycled materials such as plastic water bottles can be utilized in the fashion industry.

Recently I made an Amazon purchase because my mom called me from British Columbia and started complaining that she wants pullovers. Specifically, the ones by Hanes. Years prior I gave my mom a Hanes sweater that I received after being evacuated to Chicago due to hurricane Irma hitting Sint Maarten. At the time my husband, myself and our dog Bear had been living on the island for my husband’s medical school journey. Ever since I gave my mom that sweater, she continues to wear it to this day claiming it is her favourite. She is a simple lady; she likes her clothing comfortable and practical. Imagine my surprise when the sweaters arrived, and I saw that these had EcoSmart technology. I of course had to now buy myself some and let me tell you that they are so soft and comfortable. Now my mom and I can twin in different countries while supporting sustainability in the clothing industry together.lol. Also, in case you are wondering I’m currently residing in rural Pennsylvania, so sometimes my New York wardrobe just does not make much sense here, but the Hanes sweaters fit right in.

As you can see in the images above..here are a few of the colours the pullovers are available in, my favourite is the blue one in deep-dive heather. I just wanted to highlight that these pullovers are by an affordable and easily accessible brand. I have seen so many comments on the internet where people do not think they can afford environmentally friendly clothing. I mean, all we see are fast fashion companies pumping out cute clothing that are made with questionable techniques. Sure, Hanes may not be serving us trendy styles, but they sure do know how to make cute fleece sweaters, that are eco-friendly and a good price. Hanes also claims that their EcoSmart line uses recycled cotton and up to 5% of polyester made from discarded plastic water bottles. 5% may not sound like a lot, however, Hanes is reporting that their products are keeping up to 50 million water bottles out of landfills on a yearly basis.

Hope you loved this Amazon find of mine (Pssst these pullovers are also available on Walmart online and can drop down to $8- so keep an eye out for those deals).


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