OOTD Throwback: Lemon Print Dress

lemon print dress

I recently read an article about Meghan Markle and how she was wearing a lemon print dress during a surprise Spotify Stream On event on February 14th.  Meghan’s lemon fit and flare dress is by Oscar De La Renta, which has triggered many people out there to snap up the dress while inspiring others to search for their own lemon print dresses. I think it is so interesting how celebrities and ex-royals can inspire our style choices, and some people just want to feel close to these individuals through fashion.

One of my favourite items that I purchased in New York happens to be a lemon printed wrap dress, by the brand Elodie.  At the time I barely had any spring/summer items because the year prior I lost a lot of my spring and summer clothing/ personal belongings while living in Sint Maarten to Hurricane Irma. I also had to move a lot including to the U.K, and summer-related clothing at the time was not a priority to me. I think I ended up spending a lot of money on sweaters since we moved to the UK when it was Fall, and I’ll never forget how cold the wind was when my husband and I would take Bear out on his nighttime potty breaks. As for this dress, I barely had a chance to enjoy it, other than out for lunch in the West Village with a friend. When I returned to BC, and lockdown happened, I decided to pose for photos with my parent’s Rhododendron tree while it was in full bloom, to keep as a memory, while having fun with photography. I will say that one thing I miss the most from back home, is the opportunity to see this tree when it blooms, along with the lilac trees. At night, when it is warm and you stand outside on the deck you can smell these lovely fragrances from each tree’s flowers, it is an experience to savour.

lemon dress
rhododendron tree

When I was living in New York I was inspired to have fun and to shop for clothing that I would be happy to wear in the future. There was one day I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack, and as soon as I walked in the door, there were all these yellow wrap dresses with lemons on them, and I knew I had to buy one of them. I also think I gravitated towards the sleeves, and the entire dress just has this romantic, and carefree vibe to it. Lemon prints after-all are fun, and the yellow colour in this dress reminded me of sunshine, while the lemons reminded me of Italy’s Amalfi coast, and my favourite Italian Liqueur- Limoncello. Lemons, like florals in fashion, add a romantic, and whimsical feel. So, if you are looking for some new spring and summer inspiration, or you want something inspired by Meghan Markle there will most likely be a plethora of lemon-inspired dresses for you to choose from, and you know what they say “when life gives you lemons…” One of my recommendations would be this Lemon print smocked dress by Sam Edelman on Nordstrom Rack, because it is on sale, it’s cute and it has lemons!

xox Zaychishka

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