Critiquing 2021s Fashion Trends: Middle Parts, 70’s/90’s Mishmash, and Bridgerton

This year The Gen Z regime, different decades, and a television show are influencing this year’s style trends. I will admit that I did binge-watch Bridgerton the moment it popped up on Netflix and enjoyed the exaggerated and embellished clothing inspired by the late 18th (1776- 1830) century. Let me tell you that I saw so many critiques on the clothing, especially regarding the fact that corsets were not worn at all back then. This, of course, would make sense when the dresses from this time period did not put great emphasis on women’s waistlines. However, does it really matter when the show never claimed to be historically accurate? It was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and right now we need a little bit of a visual treat when we either see the interior of our homes or the grocery store. Bridgerton has sparked this desire for romanticism re-imagined in our spring style line-up, thus Regenceycore is now a thing. Many fashion designers have been rolling out dresses that feature the wide neckline, puff sleeves and use of the fabric organza. Rebecca Taylor is even producing a modern twist to the style with this Organza Check Dress that I came across this morning.

Not only are we seeing Regencycore which I will admit is my favourite of the trends because it’s one I haven’t experimented with. We are now escaping from the perma-frost freeze, we are seeing daylight extend itself by a few minutes each day, and there is a craving for all things whimsical in the spring. Perfect, this is a great trend to try. Also please excuse the cover photo, I’ve been playing around with Urstyle which is kind of like the old Polyvore.

As for the other trends, fashion houses like Miu Miu are making skirt lengths shorter, as this could resemble freeing ourselves from baggy loungewear. While Versace is pumping out form-figure hugging dresses. Now here is a little fun fact regarding hemlines getting shorter, there is something called the Skirt Length Theory. This theory or “Hemline Index” was created in 1925 by a man named George Taylor. If the hemline of a skirt is higher it means the economy is performing at an optimal level. But when hemlines start to get longer the economy is performing badly. This is just a superstition, but one that I find humorous.

 We are also seeing mishmash of the 70’s and 90’s. Here we see that once again flared denim is back (I have done this trend to death and personally will not be revisiting it), middle parts are now the only allowed hair style according to the Gen Z regime, or else you are just “olds”. My advice to this is who really cares how you part your hair. Truthfully, I look awful with a middle part, which once again was a part of my style repertoire when I was a teen, and do not want to revert to that time period because I made a lot of horrible style choices. I also did not care for fashion back then. If a side part compliments your face shape, wear it that way, a side part always exudes a little mystery, and if you part your hair in the middle it gives off carefree and spirited vibes. Neither hair style preference is better nor worse than the other.

Also coming back from the 70’s we see that Psychedelic prints are also coveted this season. Tom Ford has been giving us a lot of these prints on dresses (which he designed in the ’90s for Gucci). Also, not surprising to see is that vintage graphics are making a comeback. We have a lot of options this season. As for one of the most popular colours we are seeing bubblegum pink!

We also see that brands like Louis Vuitton are trying to convert you to wearing long, and loose-fitting trousers instead of your sweats. My question would be where are you going that you really need to be in trousers? Let us be realistic, should we discard our sweats for trousers while cleaning our homes? Well, who knows, I do have my eye on a pair of mint trousers that I would absolutely love to pair with a silk cami. Even if I am not able to wear this look to any events (they have all been cancelled), I think it would be a timeless look that can be re-worn in the future. I mean just hold onto your clothing, if you cannot wear any of this, your future kids will thank you for it because fashion is all about recycling trends.

Well, with any fashion trend I would encourage you to buy the ones you truly love, and not to wear items for the sake of trying to stay relevant or look fashionable. I mean, yes I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone as well, and have fun but make sure it is something you do love the look of. Fashion trends are something to take with a grain of salt, to use sparingly, and meant to supplement some fun into your existing wardrobe.

Xox Zaychishka

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