OOTD Throwback: NYC, The Met & a Floral Dress


I once posted this very look on my now-defunct blog pawprintsandmint and could not resist re-doing this post for a throwback as it documented one of my favourite days captured in New York City. Living in New York had a lot of fun moments, and I am grateful to have been able to live in Manhattan for the experience alone. I am also as equally grateful to not be a permanent resident of the city- because New York keeps its mystery in small doses.

 My husband and I were about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary together and to commemorate the special occasion he asked me what I would like to do. I chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art, although we had already visited before (and I once too took a solo trip down to the museum). Even after visiting the museum 3 times, I have yet to explore each of its wings in full. One day I hope to.

Back then I was obsessed with taking the subway to Nordstrom Rack over on 31st & 6th street. Sometimes it was just an excuse to leave the apartment and enjoy New York on my own when my husband was still in Medical School and could not go out during the week with me. So, when we had set up a plan to go to The Met for our anniversary, I knew I had to make another shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack to find the perfect dress. Prior to this, I had ordered a Ted Baker ‘shopping tote’ and bought a new pair of ankle booties (because I really prioritize comfortable and healthy feet). The dress that I found was hidden on the upper level of the rack, and towards the back, close to the fitting rooms. A place where they would often keep their long dresses, all bunched together. My eyes were instantly drawn to the floral embroidery on the dress, and the rich red against the navy. This is a dress style that may have been seen countless times, but one I never owned and knew it was the one that would also look incredible in photos that I had hoped to take with my husband while at the museum. The dress is one of Nordstrom’s collections known as 1901- which often plays on vintage-styled clothing.

Wearing: Dress 1901. Handbag Ted Baker London, Ankle Boots Naturalizer.Sunglasses Versace.

As for our anniversary, it truly was memorable, and I loved that at the time of year we went we had the opportunity to go to the museums rooftop bar and have access to a view of Manhattan’s skyline. As for my look, I laugh because so many of the security guards in the met gave me compliments and one asked me if I were from London…I guess I looked like a tourist, although that statement would only be half true. In the future I will be posting my older outfit posts, and content for throwback posts from my time in NYC. Until then I’m currently working on a few engaging ‘articles’ that I hope you will enjoy reading as one is based on an iconic fashion designer.

Until then stay safe


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