Reviewing Béis’s Convertible Mini Weekender Bag


Hello, Lovelies and Matryoshkas! As an individual who has travelled a lot, and even moved to different countries, I always found myself complaining that I needed a carry-on bag. I cannot believe how long it took me to finally get a proper carry-on/ travel bag. Before I would use an old plaid Roxy bag, then one year I thought utilizing a tote from Madewell would look chic, but it was a disaster to deal with on my move to the U.K.  My items were all over the innards of that bag, and I wished I could have packed far more items than I had.

However, on this move to Pennsylvania, I wanted something to keep me organized, and to make me feel more like an adult! So, I decided to check out Shay Mitchell’s brand Béis, and fell in love with the idea of owning a weekender bag. There was a sale and I swooped in and purchased The Convertible Mini Weekender Bag in the colour beige with croc accents and gold zippers. As a brand, I truly commend the brands appealing and cohesive aesthetic, and how the weekender bag has upgraded my travel style. Fun fact did you know Béis means beige in Spanish?  I will mention this bag is available in other colours and is no longer being sold in croc print. Béis does sell a bigger weekender bag on their website (not sponsored, just a happy customer).

My husband and I had an 11-hour plane ride, and a 2 hour drive ahead of us before we reached our new home. I had packed my mini weekender with spare clothing, water bottles, hand sanitizer, masks (as this was during the beginning of the pandemic), laptop, camera, even throwing my Valentino Rockstuds into the detachable bottom compartment (in case our luggage got lost I would still have my shoes!) And, well a bunch of other items. Just about everything fits inside the bag so neatly. I also loved that the weekender features a trolley pocket. Which helped with travelling through the airports as it could easily rest on top of the luggage.

For a bag as versatile as you.
Multiple ways to carry.
Keeps what’s inside nice and dry.
No more sole-searching.
Fits up to 16” laptop
Plays nice with roller bags.
Bring on the overhead bin.

Best used for:

Travel, Day Trips, For use at the gym, just about anything!

What you get with the bag:

The bag comes with a padded laptop sleeve that matches the bag!


The Doctor Bag opening (the opening unzips and has a wire structure to hold the shape to make getting items in and out of your bag easier especially if going through TSA/CATSA.

Is compatible with American Airline regulations and will be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Has been described as a Mary Poppins bag from how much you can fit in it.

Multiple pockets will keep you organized! Even one specifically for your laptop/

The Trolley pocket is a nice touch to keep this bag easily balanced on your luggage.

I love that the bag features a zip nook (the bottom compartment that is detachable and can make the bag appear smaller) for shoes, or whatever else you want to keep stored in the bottom compartment.

Removable and adjustable strap


Does not get dirty easily (and mine is in beige!)

Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap


The interior key holder is delicate and ended up ripping off within a month of use.

 The zip nook for shoes does not hold its shape on its own and at times can look a little sloppy. Some reviewers have recommended keeping the cardboard sleeve for the bottom compartment to keep its structure.

The price is one of the cons if you happen to be a Canadian buyer. I was able to purchase this bag on sale which kind-of offset all the other expenses including the duty and taxes, exchange rate, and shipping. I also found it a nightmare to deal with DHL who ended up being the courier who delivered my bag while I was in British Columbia.

After owning this bag for 7 months I can say that I always find something to use it for, and it is one of my most used items to date. Currently, I pack this bag up each morning with a water bottle and laptop to bring down to my basement gym for at-home workouts to Sydney Cummings. I give this bag credit for giving me more motivation to keep on my workout schedule. Now if you asked me about my thoughts on the Convertible mini weekender bag, I’d say it is a good choice if you travel often ( well, when you travel again in the future that is) Hope you enjoyed this review

Stay safe.

Xoxo Zaychishka

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