OOTD: Draped Coats Always Provide Effortless Style

Hello Lovelies, and fellow Matryoshkas! Style is one of the things that we are often working towards perfecting.  Style is not always easy because it can be so overwhelming with all the latest trends. Who doesn’t enjoy having a well-thought-out look to step outside in? Although now, our looks are more on the athleisure side since we only have the grocery store or the occasional zoom call to dress up for. Over the years my style has evolved, and nowadays I often gravitate towards items that have a clean and streamlined look. I choose far more pieces that are devoid of too much detail solely because they are versatile and complete multiple outfit choices.

One of my favourite items that I purchased back when I lived in Manhattan, New York happens to be a blush pink draped coat by the brand Elodie. I was also lucky enough to find this item on sale from Nordstrom Rack (not sponsored btw, I just love shopping from there anytime I’m in the US). This coat is lightweight, mid-length, and so feminine, and is one of the best clothing items I own to date from how much wear I get out of it.

When it comes to buying draped coats just know that they are an investment piece that will give you multiple wears and can transform any outfit! If you want to look effortless, casual or even dressed up- throw on a draped coat! I also love that these coats in particular do not look outdated. But, when looking for your own draped coat or even coats in general just keep in mind the less is more approach and to colour shop in pastels, neutrals or earthy tones for longevity.

Coat: Elodie, Cami: Pimkie, Leggings: Nygard
Back when I was in the mood to have fun with my pink wig from Amazon!

The above photos are a throwback look back from when I was living in my Manhattan apartment, and this would often be my go-to outfit. I Would just throw this coat on over a pink cami. and if I wanted to appear more ‘dressed up’ for evening outings I would throw on a classic pair of black faux leather leggings. If I wanted to look more relaxed and casual, I will re-use the same pink cami (or even a cute v neck Tee) and pair it with leggings. To complete the look and depending on the season you can use ankle boots or sandals in like colours/ colour schemes.

When I want to look put together, and effortless, I will happily wear this coat over and over again.  In the future, I will be showing you a few more looks with the same coat in some upcoming posts because I want to show you lovelies that it is acceptable to re-wear items. Please do not think you can never be seen in the same item twice; this “unwritten rule” for women is ridiculous in my opinion.

Happy shopping, happy styling and Happy Valentine’s Day/ Galentines 🙂

xox Zaychishka

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