Reviewing the Ugg Keely Boots (Similar to the Bailey Button, but for less!)

When Uggs became popular in North America in the mid 2000’s every store had its own knock-off version. My mom ended up buying me a knock off pair from Sears outlet because I begged her. At the time I had not even seen a real pair of Uggs in person, you would have to go Downtown Vancouver on Robson street or so to buy the authentic ones if they were not sold out. But, somehow with my little knowledge of what the actual boot should or even would look like I happily wore my knockoffs to school. As a teen, I would often pair these ‘Uggs’ with a skirt and wear this as a staple look for one entire summer, which was how long they held up. Those boots did not last at all, and my mom had to throw them away. After that, my desire for Uggs faded away and in came other fads for me to squander my one-day-a-week job after-school earnings on.

But over the years I have found myself wanting a pair of Uggs, and when my husband and I moved to a small town in Pennsylvania, I ended up buying my first real pair of Uggs from Nordstrom Rack. The funny thing is with Nordstrom Rack I usually only buy from them when I am living within the U.S. When I’m back in Canada I usually break up with them because the duty, dollar rate and shipping alone are not worth it. But here I was conveniently within the U.S, and Nordstrom Rack was giving a tiny promo for 5 off with an in-app purchase and being in PA meant clothing is not subject to tax! So, with that in mind, I settled on a chestnut pair of Keely boots.

Now for those of you who want to own a pair of Ugg’s, and are wondering if these boots are worth it, let me just tell you that they are. I love my boots, simply because they are comfortable, warm and make almost all my outfits look cute in the fall and winter.

The Tips & Review

 The Keely Style

The Keely boot is sold on Nordstrom Rack for around 109 USD and is available in either black or the chestnut colour- and often sells out. The Keely boot is a mid-height Ugg boot (shorter than their original classic style) that features a toggle embellishment to add a little vintage touch. These boots are lined with genuine shearling and plush UGGpure wool, and if you want to transform their look you do have the option to fold the shearling down so the boot appears to rest at mid-ankle height.


As I have gotten older, I value comfort when it comes to footwear because I walk everywhere, to the grocery store, or when walking Bear.  I have taken my specific pair of Ugg boots out with me on 5-mile walks at a time, and I could walk even longer because that is how comfortable they are. So that is one of the best pro’s to consider because comfort is so important for your feet.

Another pro would be that they are the perfect slip on and off type of boot, and if you are like me who can get impatient with the fuss some footwear has, you know how important it is to have footwear that goes on and off with ease. And the last pro is that these boots are warm, and once again let me reiterate just how comfortable they are, the warmth and comfort factor make me want to own so many more pairs in the future.

These boots are just so iconic since they have been around for so long and keep coming back and maintaining their popularity, and although they were renowned as looking ugly because they appear slouchy in nature, UGGS are far from being ugly.

If You Are Eyeing the Bailey Button Style but Want To Save Money:

One of Uggs popular boot styles is the Bailey Button boot that often retails for 139 USD on Nordstrom Rack, but if you want to save money there are two similar designs- sans the button. The first contender is the Keely style, instead of having the button, these boots feature a toggle for a vintage touch. The other style is the Constantine that comes in Black, Chestnut or Grey. Both the Keely and Constantine retail for $30 less than the Bailey Button Boot. I also noticed that Nordstrom Rack did offer a 15% off in-app promo code, so it is also possible to get the pair you want with a minor discount with a little patience.


You guys please do not deliberately wear your Uggs out in the rain as they are not waterproof! Truthfully, it is up to you with how or when you chose to wear your Uggs but if you want to take better care of them take them out on days that have ideal conditions, such as crispy fall days, or sunny spring days! I did end up purchasing the Ugg care kit that comes with a protecting spray (for rain, snow or stains), shoe renew (to deodorize the inside of your boots), cleaner and conditioner (to remove stains and clean your boots) along with a suede ‘eraser’ and a brush. I use the protecting spray often and have started to spray my boots every couple of months (if they have been worn a lot) to try to preserve them. Yes, the spray says it protects against all these elements but in my opinion this spray works best if you are out walking and then it starts to rain or snow.

What Colour UGGS should I choose?

If you are a first-time buyer of these cult-classics I would say Chestnut, and if you get a second pair to go with the grey! The chestnut is one of the most iconic and most recognizable colours used by UGGS and you can not go wrong with this colour choice as it is so versatile. I also recommend grey because this colour choice is so underrated and looks so beautiful. My next pair will most likely be grey because they look more polished.

I love my pair of Uggs, and I have so much fun coming up with outfits- especially in the fall and winter since I have a sweater addiction- and the two just go with each other. As for styling advice to keep in mind when owning Uggs is to never pair them with skirts, please!! Just for this post though I decided to pose in my Keely style uggs in one of my most simple outfits, a sweater (from Costco), leggings by Spalding, and a kate spade watch.

Nowadays though the only place I go to is just the grocery store. I will admit that sometimes I will even dress up for grocery shopping and end up looking out of place here since a lot of people just like hoodies, camo print, and hats, Anyways, happy shopping I hope to write about my adventures in Pennsylvania shortly, as well as back-track and tell of the times I lived in the Caribbean, the U.K, Canada, and New York :). In the meantime stay safe, and happy shopping!


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