Zaychishka 2.0

Hello Lovelies, or should I be saying Matryoshkas, it’s been a while and I must apologize for my lengthy hiatus . The Zaychishka blog was, and still is a great source of pride for me and I just couldn’t forget about it even after years (yes you read that right) of no longer posting or maintaining it’s website. I’ve had a lot of interesting life updates, and have recently moved again for the 5th or maybe it’s the 6th time! My last move had me living in Manhattan, New York; and now I’m living in Pennsylvania, and it feels soo good to no longer be living that luggage lifestyle- more on that later!

I will say that after being gone for years I discovered quite a few comments from readers expressing how much they loved this blog, some of those comments are what helped me make the decision to come back. I would like to send a thank you to all of my new and old readers, and to those of you who always were there for Zaychishka from the beginning.

2021 is the year when I will do my best to be a lot more dedicated to my readers by creating content that is enjoyable to read, and of course to write!!

I hope you will enjoy the latest version of the Zaychishka blog and as always please feel free to comment!



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