Hey Lovelies! Just An Update From The Caribbean With Love.

Hey Everyone! Greetings from the Caribbean and the ‘Friendly Island’ if you know where that motto’s from then you definitely will be able to guess the island I’m currently residing on. I have started to settle into life here, and I just want to first talk about avocados, because I finally ate the one I bought at Cost-U-Less with one of my new friends (who took me grocery shopping, and is showing me how this island works). I had no idea that there’s different species of avocados, I just thought all avocados looked the same, tiny-medium in size, with a bumpy surface and roundness to them. Well I definitely learned something new, the avocados I can get in the Caribbean are HUGE, green, with a smooth surface, have a sweet taste, and you can tell they have a far greater water content when you devour them. They are a little watery, but you know what Imma make guacamole outta them sometime and let you know how that works out..with like a pound of sour cream.

I’ve also been snapping away at the foods I’ve been cooking up over here, and will be posting some dinner ideas/ recipes that I’m making over here in the Caribbean for my Fiance to enjoy while he studies away at Med School. Maybe these recipes will help you decide your next dinner! I’m also going to try to learn some local cuisine in the future..but don’t hold me to that just yet, I have two years to do so FYI.

Anyways can you believe that I still don’t have internet at the apartment I’m living in! I have to use the University’s internet! But I don’t mind I’m using their ac and saving money at home by not only using their AC and drinking their lovely filtered water but by using their toilet paper. Genius. I know.

Anyways I find this island to be a little pricey with food, and milk is often expensive and close to expiring fast over here, and I feel like there’s a few odd jobs on the island- like how there’s a man who gives you a buggy to put your groceries in. At home we get our own buggy, and we put them away (but only if we had to put a quarter or dollar in them) because sometimes I don’t got time for that.  I also love the beach here, white, soft sand and water that can be cerulean, green and a mixture that is too pretty for your own eyes to take in all at once. The weather so far has been hot, with a few rainstorms…today I was woken up by the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard, it made every car alarm go off and kept echoing into the distance. I’ve heard there’s a Tropical depression ‘Julia’, and Tropical storm Karl out there and I’m hoping they don’t come our way. other than that..I’m often posting photos on Instagram, and if you want to keep up with my Caribbean adventure you can check out my instagram whenever you’d like, or ask me questions about the Caribbean.


That’s it for now,

-xo Zaychishka

8 thoughts on “Hey Lovelies! Just An Update From The Caribbean With Love.

      1. Oooh lucky !!! I’m wishing him luck for the surgery rotation! Hahah the island life is fun, but things are funny here at times.. I still miss home, but treat this as my now second home to love for the next two years

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