Fashion Find: Chic For Cheap Elie Tahari Blazer (You’ll Never Guess The Price)

Hey Everyone, this has got to be one of my best Fashion Finds yet! It’s true that I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, and as you know I’m trying to find items to take with me to the Caribbean. Living in Vancouver BC pretty much means that your wardrobe is full of sweaters, and clothing that will keep you warm, or at least dry on rainy days. To say the least my summer wardrobe has been lacking. I’ve been stocking up on loose, basics tee’s, cute colourful dresses, and leggings,shorts, rompers etc- just Anything that will keep me cool and comfy for when I’m there. 


The right kind of closure.

Anyways so back to my Fashion Find story, I was at Winners (for the second time this week) and spotted this gorgeous white collarless blazer, made with sport-luxe jersey by Elie Tahari. I passed by it twice in the aisle before picking it up, inspecting it closely, and finding the little details to be something that made this blazer unique. I almost put it down but kept noticing that I had piqued the interest of other ladies nearby and I’m pretty damn sure they were hoping I’d put it down so they could come in like vultures and swoop it up for themselves. 

I really like the collarless look,the way the fluid crepe fabric feels, the structure in the shoulders, and the front silver clasp. But that’s not the best part, not only is this a blazer something that I can covet, and enjoy for years to come, but  it is chic, and soooo cheaply priced, and YES I will reveal the before and after sale price that I swopped it up for. I was pretty victorious today. Hehehehehehehueheheue.- End of evil laughter.


Trying the blazer on at home


One more photo of that clasp


Ready for the price Reveal???


Original Price: $398.00 (to 400 USD online- but I also saw it on sale for $160 usd)


DRUMROLL PLEASE… The price I paid: $45.00 at Winners. That’s right I paid $45 bucks for this amazing, gorgeous blazer. Now I don’t mean to send H&M any hatred but keep in mind you can often buy their blazers (in Canada) for $60.00. And this is an Elie Tahari, designer, quality item that I got for cheaper than an H&M item. See girls, it’s good to shop around. 


Blazer: Elie Tahari  Garrett BlazerJacket In Fluid Crepe ($45 on sale)

Shirt: Gap ($20)

Pants: Hue ($22)

I hope this post proves you can do chic for cheap, get those brands with that quality for the right price, you just have to be determined, and in the right place at the right time. Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

-Xo Zaychishka


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