Just Another Zaychishka Update

Hey Everyone, I want to make a crazy announcement! Currently I’m shopping, and planning what to take with me to the Caribbean! That’s right, your favourite blogger  Zaychishka is all about that jet-set life! Hahah. Jokes aside I’m not going for a vacation, and I’m not going for work either! I’m going with my Fiance who has been accepted into Medical School, and I will be his support system. I may dabble in freelance writing for online publications, while maintaining the Zaychishka Style blog..so I will be keeping myself busy while exploring the Island. So I hope you will enjoy all of the adventures I will be taking you on, and get ready to see some of that Caribbean life with me.

And…I know this is just a thought but I am anxious when it comes to the Mosquito’s over there, and I’m stocking up on mosquito repellents. Somehow I’m all paranoid about the Zika virus, Dengue fever etc.

And on another note I’m going to dedicate a future post to my version of packing, and show you how I like to pack when I travel for longer periods of time. Trust me the way that I pack is not neat & tidy..but I did pick up a new luggage that I fell in love with. And I will be getting back to blogging, maybe work on a few posts tonight and yes.. Hope you guys like the news, and I can’t wait to share some incredible photography when I’m down there..because I will be taking my Nikon :).. I also promise you that I won’t be sharing gross bug, or cadaver photos either. Anyways lovelies enjoy this song for the day, it’s a perfect song for the summer!


– Xo Zaychishka







7 thoughts on “Just Another Zaychishka Update

  1. Hey! Long time no see ( So cool that you’re going to Carribean! Really happy for you and glad to see you again. I’ve been away from the blogsphere for far too long! 😦



      1. He went to UMHS in St Kitts. We are in Georgia now, he is doing his clinical rotations here. Almost to the MD… So close! Quite the journey, you’ll want to blog all about it, I’m sure.

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      2. I definitely will, and Omg, long hard journey for sure! And it’s great he got the clinical rotations, the med field is so competitive! So I’m happy for you and your husband! 🙂 and yes, once more Good for him for getting the clinical rotations I can tell he’s been studying and working hard! So omg congrats and yes I can tell its close to the MD ( I’ve been reading up on everything, because I want to prepare myself also because I know how vital it is for them to study, and dedicate a lot of hours into becoming a doctor., mine wants to get into oncology ..and I just think the med field is so tough, and also depressing too 😦 .. I have a lot of nurses in my family and I hate the stories they tell me! ) haha but oh wow, great achievement!


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