Tour Montreal With Me

Hey Lovelies! Visiting Montreal went by too fast, and Im actually missing this city! When we had landed in Pierre Trudeau Airport and began our journey to our hotel I actually found Montreal to be an ugly place. I saw a lot of industrial sights, and massive concrete overpasses that marred the landscape. However, my first impressions changed once we ended up in the area of Sherbrooke street where our Hotel was situated. (I think this is considered the business section of town) and it’s a perfect place to be if you enjoy walking, and exploring the city on foot. This area is nearby to McGill University, and not too far away from Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as places to sit down and eat along the way. Enjoy!



Just Zaychishka being a dork & taking a selfie at the Olympic Torch.


One of my favourite places to eat for breakfast foods (even well into lunch hours) was at ‘Universel’ on their outdoor section. Accords is pretty, but be aware as it is a pricey place to eat if you opt for A La Carte with wine pairings. A fun experience and romantic experience if you enjoy taking hours to enjoy your food, and wine with good company. You can also get away with brining in McDonalds into certain pubs once their kitchen has closed…but as long as you order drinks!


Accords Restaurant




Eggs Benedict from Universel


Souvenirs, Experiences & Novelties

Old Montreal is one of the hottest spots to shop for souvenirs to bring home to family! I picked up a sweatshirt that says ‘Montreal’, there’s also a lot of Native souvenir shops, and little patios and places to sit down and order food- and Ice Cream! You can also take a horse drawn carriage ride through old Montreal.  (It’s pretty popular)


Old Montreal




The Bay (My favourite store in the entire world…notice it’s French spelling in Montreal.)

SightSeeing On A Time Crunch

Notre Dame cathedral is worth a visit, and from their you can make your way to Old Montreal! St.Catherine street is the place to be for nightlife, and Sherbrooke Street is nearby to a lot of shopping destinations including Eaton Center. You might even pass by the Olympic Torch, parks that resemble Europe with fountains and beautiful trees and flowers in bloom. Enjoying a coffee is a must while you walk!





Notre Dame Cathedral



Hope you enjoyed all of the Montreal posts

-Xo Zaychishka



4 thoughts on “Tour Montreal With Me

  1. I’ve never been to Montreal. Looks like a nice place to visit! The Notre Dame Cathedral looks very similar to Westminster Abbey in London.
    Thanks for sharing the places you visited. I’ll have to check them out if I make it over there, one day.

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  2. It is in fact a beautiful place to live. Perfect to raise a family. I Know, I’m from Montreal. I’m actually preparing a post on the subject. What to see, Where to eat, Where to shop… And nice pictures. So you’ll want to visit Montreal even more. Come and see my blog soon.

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