Throwback Socialite Style: Tinsley Mortimer

To be honest I never knew, or heard of Tinsley Mortimer until a few weeks back when I read an article about her life as a burgeoning socialite, and of how her life took a tragic turn, where she was arrested and well that’s not for this post! This post is all about Tinsley Mortimer’s style, and will be kicking off a series I would love to pursue on the Zaychishka Style blog as a throwback to the socialites of the pasts- mainly about their style. These posts are about the days when the Kardashians weren’t showing off their asses to grapple for our attention, -to a time when Socialites worked on committees, and were noticed for their style.

There was a  time when Tinsley Mortimer was considered New York’s sweetheart when her images were everywhere and she was often invited to the elite social parties and galas. A quick google image search depicts her as a socialite who was often photographed for her style, (it even looks like she was addicted to wearing YSL sandals for a time).  And often she would be seen sitting front row at fashion shows.

Hoewever, I’ve read that she had help when it came to becoming a socialite, that she went to R. Couri Hay, a society publicist- who advised ‘Tinz’ to quit her job as a publicist in order to get her socialite status. She began by getting onto the committees for the American Museum of Natural History, as well as the Central Park Zoo- and it also helped that many found her to be beautiful, with a vibrant personality. She was also well connected thanks to the man she had married Topper Mortimer who came from old New York money- giving Tinsley a taste for the ‘gold standard’ lifestyle. Anyways it also looks like she really loved to dress up in colourful outfits, before her downfall from societies grace.

Tinsley Mortimer== Tinsely Mortimer Hosts the Roberta Freymann East Hampton Boutique Grand Opening== Roberta Freymann Boutique, East Hampton== June 26, 2010== PHOTO - Sunny Khalsa/ ==





“I knew that Tinsley had the potential to be an ‘it’ girl. She was funny, she was frisky, she was like a little pedigreed filly—and she was a Mortimer.” – R. Couri Hay






Hope you enjoyed this post 

-Xo Zaychishka

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