An Athleisure Inspired Look *On The Go Style*

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Well I’ve been going out for coffee a lot lately, and one of my go to looks for enjoying coffee involves ‘athlesiure wear’. No it doesn’t involve lululemon yoga pants, or wearing sports bras instead of a cropped top (although I love my neon nike sports bra). Instead I love to mix and match different things from my wardrobe that involve faux leather sleeves, shift dresses, pantyhose, leggings and runners. I also should confess that I love grays and blacks…I sometimes have an obsession with buying all gray pieces and then end up complaining in the summer that my clothing isn’t ‘colourful’ enough. Who else has the same problem?

Anyways it might be summer at the moment but this week in British columbia I’ve had to turn the heat on in my house, the next day the AC, and well the weather is rather unpredictable with it’s mix of hot and cool. So before I officially say goodbye to fall and winter wardrobe pieces I thought I’d wear one of my favourite looks for the last time. Before it gets too hot! The look involves 3 pieces (4 if you include the attitude; and a stupid smile).


This coffee shop is known for it’s giant teddy bear (which was stolen and then returned)






Jacket: Blank NYC (a vegan friendly label)

Shift Dress : Loft

Pantyhose BeBe

Sunglasses: Versace

Handbag: Coach, in champagne

Sneakers: Calvin Klein

-Xo Zaychishka

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