My Parent’s Wedding *80’s Style Wedding Dress*

Hey Everyone Happy Monday! Today I think we all need a little laugh and I thought it would be fun to show off a little glimpse of my mom and dads wedding. Keep in mind there wedding was held in the 80’s. And, well we all know that the 80’s is considered as the decade that had some of the worst fashion, especially when it came to wedding dresses! You know my mom and all of my aunts became fashion victims by having dresses with huge puffed sleeves. Plus one of my aunts opted for a hat over a veil! I love bugging her about that… I’d also like to say that my wedding will be extremely different from my moms! Anyways here are the photos of my mom, dad, and nonna (grandmother in Italian) and nonno (grandfather in Italian) etc.. tell me what you think of my moms cake, it had it’s own working fountain! Also I took photos from my parents wedding album with my iphone so I’m sorry about the quality, and it’s a little hazy in some shots. 


Wedding cakes were decorative back then!


( the house was still being built)


My mom looks like she’s a mobster’s daughter


My mom and Nonna

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.30.17 PM


8 thoughts on “My Parent’s Wedding *80’s Style Wedding Dress*

  1. In a past Life, I met my family and every female cousin and aunt brought their wedding dresses for me to try on (I’m the youngest of the group by 8 years). I hit 1920’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I ended up wearing 1941~

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    1. That’s really sweet to be able to have your aunts and family offer you there dress.. And that you found one that you loved.. 1941 .. I’m curious about what it looks like ! ( I wouldn’t wear my moms, or my aunts .. There’s are all from
      The 80’s .. Not going there. Lol )


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