20 Things I Learned While Visiting Montreal

Hey Everyone as you know I was in Montreal a few days ago, and I have a lot of news to share! But first I want to kick-off my Montreal miniseries with a few things that I learned while touring the city that I just want to share with you! 

1). Montreal takes all of your money, easily. I will not elaborate on this!

2). English can get you far, but it’s great to know basic French (for fun). I even shouted “ferme la porte” at the Quebecois, after having too many glasses of red wine.

3). Montreal does not feel like a Canadian City! 

4). Prepare to do a lot of walking, or utilizing the Metro, to taxis if you get lazy after a long day of sightseeing.

5). Montreal has amazing food! And, I love to eat so I know what good food is all about.

6). You can enjoy wine in the park as long as you have food.

7). Police wear army/cameo pants and it’s not uncommon to watch them demonstrate their strength by pushing broken down cars off the roadways.

8). Restaurants can look deceiving. Don’t get lured in by the twinkle lights! It’ll cost you $$$

9). Old Montreal is the hot spot to buy Souvenirs!

10). Tabarnak is the equivalent to the word Fuck. (This became an instant favourite to use)

11). Churches are in abundance, and most of them are Catholic.

12). French comes in handy while taking taxis.

13). Quebec has the worst water. I am a total water snob and I missed the taste of British columbia water dearly! Sorry Quebec!

14). Bachelorette parties are EVERYWHERE on St.Catherine street. Male Strip Clubs are Everywhere. From Campus to GI Joe.

15). Quebec has Language Police. They are the enforces of keeping the signs are all in French. I.E Starbucks is actually called Cafe Starbucks to measure up to the language Police standards.

16). Montreal is a shopping paradise! Eaton Centre, and the outside shopping. Amazing!

17). Quebec has an underground city.

18).  You can  get away with bringing food into pubs/bars after their kitchen closes, as long as you order a drink from them!

19). Quebec French is more informal as opposed to the French spoken in France.

20). Montreal is a city for romantics, history buffs, and for people who want to enjoy the nightlife. Funnest Canadian city ever.








10 thoughts on “20 Things I Learned While Visiting Montreal

    1. 😦 yeah omg ! I didn’t even get to sleep hahah and came home so exhausted ! So many things at once !! Hahah I don’t know how you do it, living in Montreal . Sucha busy place to be

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