Beauty Blogger Nomination Q&A

Thank you to Nikki from The fabulous Hipster Thrifter Fashion Blog for sending me this beauty blogger nomination. (I know this post is late, and on auto-post hehe love that feature) In this post I’ll be answering the questions that the lovely Nikki (Hipster Thrifter Girl made for the beauty blogger nomination). Expect a lot of ‘beauty talks and tips’ inside..and more nominations for other bloggers I find to be incredible for their beauty posts 🙂

What brand do you splurge on?

If I splurge, I splurge on moisturizers with anti-aging properties. However I often scan ‘Winners’ (Canadian version of..TJ Max/ or fact it’s under the TJ Max group) for discounted moisturizers. I’m also a firm believer in ‘rotating your moisturizer’ to combat the signs of stress, fatigue or aging prematurely. (in addition to eating well, exercising, hydrating etc). Sometimes I’ll use three different moisturizers throughout the week as well as providing my face with a few nights moisturizer free.  I also love trying out different brands so I rarely stick with the same brand/product. Currently I’m using Elizabeth Arden’s Good Night Sleep (that’s been discontinued), Ahava Extreme Day Cream , L’oreal Hydra 5, and Nivea’s Nourishing Day Cream. ( Right now it’s 4 I know!! so many shhh)

Which unknown brand do you think we should pay attention to?

For makeup I’ll say it’s Illimasqua, it’s a brand that comes from the UK. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘unknown’, but it’s hardly mentioned on beauty Guru vlogs, and no one I know has heard of it! I took a gamble on it when I saw it on the Hudson Bay’s website under clearance… I was drawn in when I say foundation that used to be priced at 50+ for 21 and ordered that along with blush, lipstick, and mascara.

Who is your biggest Style/beauty icon?

This is a tough questions because so I will name drop three names that are a little unexpected : Irina Shayk, Queen Rania Of Jordan and Kristian Alfonso!

Kristian Alfonso for not caving in to the pressures of hollywood and the desire for plastic surgery.  “I want my grandchildren to recognize me … and my children,” Alfonso said.“In the old pictures they’ll say she’s aged and you know, she’s lived life.” -The Daily Telegraph 

Irina Shayk for always being gorgeous, and she is my all time favourite model. Loved her since her time at Intimissimi.

Queen Rania Of Jordan..because she’s gorgeous! Takes care of herself, eats well and has some effortless style…and poise!

Which beauty item would you NOT recommend for anyone to use?

I haven’t tried that many products out there that gave me disastrous results, but there was one product I tried out in the past and it was Victoria Secret’s Face Prime makeup setting spray…it ruined all the hardwork I put into for my makeup for the day!

What do you think  is a trendy colour?

it depends on the season..sometimes you’ll see black and white for fall and electric blues to neons in the summer.

Favourite Candy bar?

I prefer Chips, to white cheddar popcorn!

Which blogger/vlogger do you look up to?

I don’t look up to ‘bloggers or vloggers’, but I do love watching Huda Beauty, Tati on Youtube and I enjoy Song Of Style to Sincerely Jules for Fashion Blogs.

 Which liquid lipstick do you swear by?

I actually don’t own, or use liquid lipsticks but they do intrigue me, especially the ones that dry down to a matte finish. It’s on my list!

What do you think of celebrities having their own makeup lines? Would you buy them?

I’m interested in Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics line! So I’d buy hers just to see how it is. Other than that… it would depend on the celebrity and the team behind the products.

What  products would you recommend to someone just getting into makeup?

A good HD Foundation for special events! And bold lipsticks. (I love makeup forever HD foundation for photos, and my favourite lipstick of the month is from the drugstore it’s by NYC in Forever looks sooo neon pink it’s gorgeous for the summer and making you look ‘edgier’.


Questions For The Nominee’s

What is one of your favourite beauty ‘secrets’?

Which lipstick shade can’t you pull off that you wish you could?

Have you had any product disasters?

What colognes do you love on men?

Do you ever watch beauty guru videos on Youtube while getting ready? If so who are the Beauty Guru’s you like to watch?

What makeup mistake did you make when learning how to apply your own makeup?

What makeup, cleanser or moisturizer etc can’t you live without?

What type of makeup technique do you want to master?

What makeup trends do you think we’ll be embarrassed by when we are older?

What’s the last makeup/beauty product you bought and why?

Rules: Answer the questions provided, and create 10 of your own questions for those you wish to nominate and tell them you’ve nominated them 🙂

The Nominee’s

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Beauty Books And Blogging


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