Zaychishka Is Going To Montreal

Hey Everyone! I’m having a crazy week! Less than a week ago my boyfriend booked us a surprise trip to..Montreal! I have never been to Montreal, in fact I haven’t been to most of the Provinces or Territories of Canada and I’ve been living in this country my entire life! But, Canadian Provinces are rather large (as opposed to the sizes of Europe countries or American states). As some of you know I live in British Columbia, I’ve been to Alberta (once), and now I’m going to Canada’s East coast to see a bit of Quebec, specifically less than 24 hours. (There is also a cool blogger who lives in Montreal and she is Nikki from the blog Hipster Thrifter Girl shout out to her, and for visiting her turf hehe)

I’m excited about this trip because it’s the second trip I’ve gone on with the boyfriend, and we will be meeting a few more of his relatives who are flying in from Russia. He’s told me to expect to eat a lot, and we have a lot of things to do in such little time, including a baptism, and of course touring the city, and taking advantage of the boulangeries. I’ll admit I’ve been a little stressed out lately because I had no idea I was going to Montreal, and packing is always a daunting task…with weight limits! Do airlines not understand women should get a larger weight allowance- simply because we have to pack different types of bras to fit the styles of different types of tops, or dresses (backless, strapless etc). and shoes!! Don’t get me started on the shoes, and the accessories- shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, it’s ridiculous the amount of stuff we need.


The necklace and pendant

But I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to packing, I did travel Europe with only 7 different outfits to wear for a month. But this trip is different because I actually have to bring my best dressed outfits. I have to have an outfit for the baptism, and then for the dinner/party after, and outfits for Montreal nightlife, and outfits for the daytime, and for the airplane ride. But I actually managed to pick my outfits wisely, and I’m hoping I’m under the weight restriction. I’m also carrying gifts for the children: one is a toy battery operated helicopter, the other gift is a gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant for the adorable baby being baptized! (I hope she will love this necklace when she’s older) 


Got my purple shampoo packed and ready to go

I also laugh when I say to my mom that I will bring her back Maple Syrup, because I’m Canadian and we have Maple Syrup everywhere here in Canada so to bring home that gift would be so funny, it’s not as if I’m visiting another country, I’m still going to be in Canada. Anyways I will be taking lots of photos, and I will try to get some of my outfits photographed so you can see my ‘on the go’/ travel style! And yes, you can see all the things that I found unique on my little adventure. I also have been re-brushing up on my French because I’ve heard in Montreal they have something called the Language Police who make sure all of the signs are in French. So Starbucks is called Cafe Starbucks (which isn’t difficult to figure out) and KFC is PFK (Poulet Frit du Kentucky). Fun stuff!


The outfit for the Baptism (I chose the white one)

Store: Plenty

Brand: Monk & Lou

I hope you all have an amazing week and weekend 🙂

– Xo Zaychishka


12 thoughts on “Zaychishka Is Going To Montreal

      1. Oh that’s nice ! And you get to know the real Montreal hot spots when you know a local! Can’t wait ! It will be fun for me to see the differences between the west and east coast of Canada.


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