Trending Tuesday: Denim Shorts

Hello Everyone, Happy Trending Tuesday! I have a lovely new addition to my always expanding, and never ending wardrobe and that is:. A pair of denim shorts with ultra femme details of lace.(a gift from le boyfriend, who has been spoiling me lately- more about that in the next post). I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us own a pair of denim shorts. I often enjoy styling mine with oversized sweaters, a look that reminds me of something you’d wear in Martha’s Vineyard in the America or Laguna beach..something like that. I also love that look of a basic white T, and doing the whole High Low look with jean shorts.

As for my shorts they will be versatile for the summer. I can go for boho to beach babe styles- and I just love that something so simple like the addition of lace detailing can re-vamp an old classic. It’s all in the details. I also want to say that I can’t take credit for this purchase as it was all on my boyfriend. He picked them out after I had tried on 4 different styles (I secretly hate trying on clothing), and in the end these shorts were the victor because of the cute femme details, but- and let me add in a pun, he liked them best for how they looked on my butt. So there you have it, when you shop with your boyfriend the deciding factor always comes down to how an item makes your butt, or boobs look.  (These were also my secret pick, so I’m glad he too liked them)



These shorts are now in my luggage and ready for our trip. 

Brand: Hot Kiss

Denim short inspiration








6 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday: Denim Shorts

    1. Thank you Nikki !! 🙂 haha yes sometimes I do t understand the pocket sticking out shorts either! So it’s funny your boyfriend hates them ! I also wanted to say that I’m actually coming to Montreal ! I’m there from the 19th to 23rd, I’m going with my boyfriend and his family ( for a baptism ) .. Wish I’d be there longer though because the trip is so condensed :/ so many family events and touring etc in too little time 😦 ..

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