Elena Perminova In Gondolier Inspired Stripes

Hey Everyone Happy Casual Sunday! This post is going to be short & sweet so get ready! I also want to know if any of you are getting ready to travel for the summer to some far off and exotic locations? I may be going on a trip but I’ll keep that quiet for now- but I will say that I promise to take photos to share with you all! I may even do a few outfit posts along the way and a few other travel themed posts!!

Anyways Elena Perminova has been on vacation in Italy with her family lately. She’s no stranger to staying in Umbria, and this time she took a detour to the famed canals and waterways of Venice first. Elena even took inspiration from the famous gondoliers of Venice who serenade tourists with barcaroles in her outfit choice! Her casual look involves a straw hat, a classic nautical-esque sweater with stripes that matches the gondoliers, wide flared jeans, a delicate long drop necklace, and a chloe bag.





Enjoy your weekend!! 

-Xo Zaychishka

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