Fashion Find: Hugo Boss Tweed Blazer

Hey Everyone! Living in Canada, particularly British Columbia means that you’ll seldom find deals on designer goods. It takes a lot of hard work, sifting and yes, dedication to find something worthy enough to bring home that has that great price, quality and designer label. A while ago I found a Hugo Boss tweed blazer on sale from Holt Renfrew. The original price was listed at $700, and the sale price brought the blazer down to $100. Let me stress that I remember back in the day when I was like 11 Holt Renfrew never had deals, or sales as good as the ones they’ve been having in recent years (visit Holt Renfrew during their sales and you might find something you’ll fall in love with with the right price).

Anyways I couldn’t resist this blazer not only because of the reasonable price, but because I’ve been looking to own a tweed blazer for some time. I think all women should have a tweed blazer in their closet..and if they can afford one from Chanel even better!! There is something classy, sophisticated and business chic about a good, tweed blazer. The Hugo Boss further lured me in with the way it enhances once waist by cinching it once the zipper is fully pulled up. The blazer was also the right size, and even allows room to wear a shirt comfortably underneath! It has faux black leather details, and gold hardware for the zipper, and chain near the label.

Now as for being the fashionista on a budget that I am, I also had to do some quick comparisons to further justy bringing home the blazer- including my favourite example that involves Aritzia. For any of you who don’t know Aritzia (which I’m sure is all 2% of you out there) Aritzia began as a single store on Robson Street in Vancouver. Aritzia sells Wilfred, Talula to T.Babaton etc labels and the price points are even more at times than this Hugo Boss Blazer..consider buying a Wilfred piece for $130 VS a Hugo Boss Blazer for $100…And that’s how the Hugo Boss came home with me. Here it is:






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