7 Looks Of Miroslava Duma’s Cool Comeback

Hey everyone!!! Hope you’re ready for this post especially if you are a fan of Mira Duma! From Mickey Mouse Tee’s to athleisure wear Miroslava Duma is making a comeback with her style. The Russian style icon who we couldn’t resist seeing outside of fashion week all those years ago is making a triumphant return with her youthful style, and appearance lately. She is a woman who has it all she’s a successful businesses woman (Co-Founder Buro247.com, TheTot.com, charity fund Peace Planet, digital investor and entrepreneur) a wife, a mother and has an amazing sense of style.

The last time I looked on her Instagram was back when she was rocking bangs, now she’s forgone the entire look and is wearing her hair with tousled waves, and it looks like she’s gone for the balayage! I’m also suspecting she’s even wearing hair extensions in some of the photos. A Anyways whatever you’re doing Mira, your style is looking amazing, and you look younger these days! This further proves that Balayage really can freshen up your look. + you can get away with wearing so many fun trends! Disney anyone? Anyways what are your thoughts on her recent style? 










Mira Duma Instagram

-Xo Zaychishka

15 thoughts on “7 Looks Of Miroslava Duma’s Cool Comeback

      1. Yeah, they need to get away from their mom.. She’s made them all crazy. And when I think of Kylie and plastic surgery.. She was so young.. And too young to be overly sexualized

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      2. Omg yes ! I think she is too young to be branded and overly sexualized …I feel for the poor kid. I know at 18, I was confused …but there are people worse off…I’m just sick of that family though 😜

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