Trending Tuesday: Sunglass Trends ‘White Frames *Geometric’ ETC

Hey Everyone it’s time for a Trending Tuesday post! I’ve realized that I haven’t given accessories all that much love on my blog. So if you happen to love sunglasses, and you’re an optical gal this post is for you, and how you can ‘eyeccessorize’ for the summer with all the latest sunglass trends. Sunglasses, shades or sunnies of any kind are one of those accessories that contribute a lot to the world of fashion- like allowing celebrities to magically go ‘incognito’ the moment the shades come on to hide from the paparazzo. Or how else would Karl Lagerfeld keep his ‘vortex’ for eyes a secret from all of us? And here’s the real miracle worker..sunglasses can conceal our dark circles and bloodshot eyes from a heavy night of partying the best.

Seriously sunnies need to be recognized for all the magic they do. And I’ll admit that I wear sunglasses no matter the season. I’m the type of girl who will even wear sunglasses indoors when I’m shopping because 1). I wear prescription glasses and 2). I get so fed up with switching between sunglasses to glasses. I know there’s some of you that know the feels. Now lately I’ve been noticing all of the latest optical fashions- and there’s even a few types of shades out there that have been haunting me, especially when I’m creeping through the Russian of Instagram’s IG accounts. I really want those sunglasses that look like they’re coming out of their frames…and I’m obsessing over white frames..there’s something so vintage, so Côte d’Azur about them. Can you just picture me playing a game of pétanque, scarfing down cheese and wine with those shades on? No? Well I can.

Anyways as you’ll notice the classics are still in from your cat eye to aviators- but in addition to those there’s a lot of pastels, embellished frames (Dolce & Gabbana) and geometric shapes.

FullSizeRender (1)

These frames are everywhere lately! From samoylovaoxana’s Instagram



Now onto the Trends

Cat Eyes


Geometric Shapes & Patterns



One thought on “Trending Tuesday: Sunglass Trends ‘White Frames *Geometric’ ETC

  1. My dear, you just read my mind! I’ve been searching geometric sunglasses for the past few weeks. Still not sure about the color… This post was very helpful 🙂


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