13 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks To Looking Youthful

Let’s be honest here we all will age and we all will get wrinkles at some point in our life; However what this post is about is making sure you don’t age prematurely, or look older than your actual age! As women (and even some men!!) we have the tendency to be beauty obsessed. From almost every which way we look there’s something that pops out at us and screams ‘beauty’, or you must try or have this product! Just look at your YouTube subscriptions I’m sure the majority of you have your favorite beauty Guru, and I know that at some point these beauty gurus have mentioned in their videos about anti-aging products and tips that you couldn’t resist watching! I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to look as if we found the fountain of youth as we age. I also know that a lot us want to age well so that we don’t have our peers exclaim ‘oh she’s aged badly’… Well, at least I don’t! #notsorryformyvainconfession. Anyways here are some of my tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I hope this post will help you too!

It’s All About Your Hair!


Healthy hair helps with looking youthful, and more radiant so take care of it. However you can also try out new hair colours, better yet try out Balayage, Ombre, Sombre etc, these colour techniques add more dimension to your tresses, and if you find the right colour, you will look more youthful. Be prepared to change your wardrobe..you might just find that your clothes don’t match your new appearance!

Don’t Go Sun Crazy!

We all know what the sun can do, so if you do plan to tan this summer don’t overdo it, or avoid it altogether! And try to avoid laying in the sun too long with self tanner on I’ve heard the chemicals in those products could contribute to skin ageing/damage when mixed with sunlight.

Rotate Your Moisturizer!

This is something I do often, it’s not rare of me to use 3-4 different moisturizers throughout the week. I believe our skin can get bored of products, just like with what we eat- we could never eat the same food each day on repeat you’d hardly reap the benefits. I believe it’s the same thing for skin care products. I also like to take a day or two off from using a moisturizer at night to let my skin, and pores breathe without any products on- But I’ll only do that on nights when I’m using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave my face feeling unbearably tight or dry- like on makeup free days when my skin doesn’t need a lot of deep cleansing.

Be Gentle With Product Application!

When you apply your makeup, wash your face, or slather on your moisturizer..be gentle! Opt for upward strokes on your face and neck when you do put on moisturizer so you don’t tug on your skin and create premature wrinkles and lines.




These brows aren’t overdone!

This is one of my favourite makeup tricks to making you look youthful in minutes. I love to make my eyebrows appear thicker because thick eyebrows are a sign of ‘youth’. If I was only allowed to choose one thing to do to my face when it comes to doing my face with makeup.. I would go for filling in my brows! That’s right my eyebrows, I wouldn’t choose foundation, or even concealer. I personally like to use eyeshadow for filling in my brows with an angled brush meant for eyes.  I tend to do an ombre effect where the “begin brow’ is softer with my eyeshadow, and the middle near the arch is a little darker..and the rest of the brow is filled in sporadically. I do not like the look of overly drawn, eyebrows that look drawn on- it’s too artificial. Fill in areas that look bare.+ Keep experimenting!

Natural Face Masks?


Sometimes I fall victim to putting some crazy stuff on my face, egg whites? Papaya? Turmeric, Honey? Greek Yogurt? Honey? Just dump out all of the contents of your refrigerator right now! Recently I scared my mom with a Greek yogurt, honey and turmeric face mask. an you imagine? My skin was a bright mustard yellow! I think that mask actually helped me combat a pimple I created from picking at a blackhead. I also enjoy the feeling of Plain Greek yogurt on my face once in a while. Also limit the amount of products you use when trying natural remedies in your night routine.. you could have an allergic reaction like moi. I was 17 and reacted badly to a ‘product overdose’ lol..sigh I had swollen lips, and picture day was ruined! It was funny though!!

Shaving Your Face!

Yep, I still include this in my routine to eliminate baby hairs, and it makes my foundation look great! I’ve written an article on this so if you’re curious you can read all about dermaplaning by clicking ‘Trying A Trend:DIY Dermaplanning’. I think this is a great way to exfoliate once in a blue moon! But be careful this isn’t for everyone.


I think this is pretty self explanatory, exfoliating helps to combat dead skin cells, and gives your products a boost!

Clarisonics? And Other Facial Cleansing Tools.

I’ve had a Clarisonic for maybe 4 years now? I don’t feel like it can prevent acne, or work miracles on your face..but I love the Clarisonic for assisting in makeup removal. Especially if I use a foundation by Makeup Forever! It’s the one foundation I love for special events but it can wreck havoc on my pores if I’m not thorough in my ‘night/cleaning routine’.

Don’t Eat Salty Foods Before Bedtime! Put Those Chips Down!


Yass! LOL 

Whenever I have a bad skin day it’s because I ate something salty before bedtime- in excess like potato chips (my weakness)! When I wake up from a night of eating chips my skin looks puffy, and I feel dehydrated. Dehydration takes a toll on your skin and it shows in your face! So if you have a special event coming up resist the urge to grab the chips while watching Netflix.


Stay hydrated throughout the day because your skin, body and especially your face will thank you. You will look younger when your skin is hydrated it helps to fill in lines.

Eat Well, Sleep Better, & Exercise

Just like staying hydrated, it’s a no brainer to eat healthy! I’ve also heard that eating sugary foods can age you! So be careful with what you put into your body. I also like to take supplements including folic acid. I’ve read that Folic Acid can keep skin firm. But talk to your doctor, or research how many mg’s are recommended for you to ingest for your age daily.And don’t beat yourself up if you have a day full of giving into cravings, you’re only human! Sleeping well will combat those dark circles. I’ve also have suffered from ‘puffy face’ when I’ve had a bad night of sleeping! So be wary. And well exercise does your body good. Plus all of these things together help to combat stress..and stress ages you!

Bright Eyes/ Wide Eyes


Having bright eyes, especially in the morning can make you look ‘younger in minutes’. I love to conceal my dark circles, and put on a light, pink eyeshadow on my upper eyelids (L’oreal Colour Riche is one of the best affordable eyeshadows I absolutely adore, I love it more than the majority my high end shadow palettes). Also using eye drops for emergencies when you need the whites of your eyes to appear brighter, and banish that eye redness. While wide eyes if you look to models like Natalia Vodianova, and even Amanda Seyfried.. wide eyes give you a doll like- and youthful appearance and that’s when a highlight in the inner corner of your eyes can work wonders to open your eyes up!

Hope you enjoyed some of these tips and tricks I love to include in my beauty routine!

-Xo Zaychishka

12 thoughts on “13 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks To Looking Youthful

    1. Oh it’s not that exciting to watch me get ready with my makeup !! Haha, I think it’s more exciting to see the finished result for anyone when they are done.. Especially for special occasions! So fun to experiment with looks! And I’ve been trying out charcoal face masks lately and scaring my boyfriend with them !

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      1. That’s actually a tough question! The charcoal mask I’m trying out is by life brand ( and I want to do it a few more times before I judge it fully lol ) and life brand also sells individual mask packs.. 3 for $5…( I picked up 3 and haven’t tried them out yet.. One is ‘synthetic snake venom’) and my go to ( but I love it as a spot treatment) is by st Ives with kaolin clay.. It’s blueish it’s ok.

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