Thank You For All Of Your Nominations

Hey Everyone! I’m not sure what’s going on but you guys are really enjoying sending nominations my way in the past few weeks. I’m going to send an overdo thank you to: Wander & Musings (Versatile Blogger Award), Mahimasingh97 (Blogger Nomination), The Petite Bloguese(Liebester), and to NepaliAustralian(Blogger Nomination To Be Voted). I’ve had one of you lovelies send a Liebster my way before when my blog first began, and I’m going to answer the questions from the Liebster (again) and, First Blogger Tag because I feel like mix & matching tonight… this will get lengthy! 

Questions from Mahimasingh97

1).Best compliment you have ever received?

Many, that have warmed my heart & soul.

2)What question do you hate to answer?

A question in itself is nothing to hate, it’s questions said in that tone, or by  someone who rubs you the wrong way that can make you hate a question.

3).Who is your real life hero?

My boyfriend, and my mom and dad.

4).How long have you been blogging?

The Zaychishka Style blog is 3 years old, but I’ve been a blogger for longer than that.

5).If you were given a chance to change one of the system then what would you like to change?

Is this a political question? Because we could be here for days if I begin a political tirade. There’s many things in this world that I’d change if I had the chance, so picking one on a whim even as a hypothetical would take a lot of time and I will pass 🙂

6).What has inspired you to start blogging?

I actually had a blog when I was 16, and didn’t even know what the term “blog” was back then. I obviously didn’t keep up with it, almost like my long lost tamagotchi. But, here I am now bringing you fashion, lifestyle and beauty posts.

7). One of the beauty product you can not live without.

That would be Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer. It’s like a magic stick with it’s flawless coverage.

8). The thing you like most.

Food. It’s a thing. 🙂

9). The beloved person of your life.

My krasivyi, and incredible boyfriend.

10). One of your favourite quotes.

I’ll pay tribute to my late Nonno (grandfather) “Keep your eyes open” (imagine an Italian accent, and hand gestures)


Questions From The Petite Bloguese

1)When did you start your blog and why? Was there a specific blogger that inspired you?

Zaychishka Style is roughly 3 years old, and I began to blog because it was something I felt passionate about. Something clicked, and here I am. I’ve been inspired by Scott Shuman of The Sartorialist.  (The Russian aspect of my blog is inspired by my boyfriend.)

2).Do you blog as a hobby or a career?

I would say blogging is both a career and hobby. I’ve won awards for my writing in the past, and I’ve never been able to resist a good novel, paperback please.  I have various interests and passions that made it hard for me to go down the conventional and steady career path. Being a blogger means that you can harness and apply more than one passion at a time. e.g Being your own journalist/ reporter, photographer, editor, PR, stylist, etc. What don’t bloggers do?

2). What is your favourite thing to post about? 

Anything that my mind comes up with at the moment. But I think it’s obvious that I love to write about Fashion!

3)f you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Once again it’s Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Concealer 🙂

Do you have a favourite supermodel?

I didn’t grow up in the whole Cindy Crawford era- So I don’t really have a favourite one. But for a model my favourite is Irina Shayk.

If you had the choice to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show vs. a Chanel fashion show, which would you choose?

Even though I have many memories with VS, to moments where I’d even layer on pairs and pairs of underwear that I just bought to evade paying tax at the US-Canada border when I was 18. VS runway shows aren’t like how they used to be. So  I Would choose  to attend a Chanel show simply because it would mean that you’d be at Paris Fashion Week. But if it was a Chanel resort collection runway show you could be in Italy, Singapore,the Middle East, or some other exotic locale…no only would you be there for a chanel show, you’d be in an interesting destination.

If you could collaborate with any designer or brand, what would it be?

All of them!!! 🙂

High heels or sneakers?

Both! Heels are sexy, and sneakers are for athleisure style  moments.

Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

I prefer a bold lipstick. Neons, pinks, anything that is eye catching and a crazy intense colour.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere my heart leads me.


Now for my nominations for a Liebster award (click here to view the rules for the Liebster Award):



Miss PettiGrew Review

Life Style By Cocoa

The F Word


The Bling Babe

Magic Vintage Spy

Susan Holloran

Matcha Milady

(& psst I will be notifying you all that I’ve nominated you )

Questions For the Lovely Nominee’s

1). What keeps you motivated when it comes to blogging?

2). Who do you wish you could sit down with and interview? And of course..why?

3). What is the most memorable place you’ve visited? (or are dreaming of visiting?)

4).Do you listen to any music when you blog? If so what are some of the beats you’re listening to?

5). Who are your top 3 favourite Fashion Designers?

6). What is your favourite colour to wear?

7). What is one word that makes you cringe when you say it aloud?

8). What’s one of the strangest things that’s ever happened to you? (that you feel comfortable talking about)

9). If you could travel back in time, what civilization, or era would you want to see, and experience?

10). Do you have a favorite talk show? Reality show? etc?






4 thoughts on “Thank You For All Of Your Nominations

  1. You are one of the coolest bloggers I know. I love reading your posts ( I sound really creepy) but compared to other bloggers. You have a smart way of analyzing garments, fashion and etc. Thanks for the nomination and I will answer it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree lets go to a Chanel show. I’m not into Victoria’s Secret , I used to be. But I just would love to sit there taking notes and photographing everything…not just the runway but what people wear to the show! I find that amazing 😄 lets go to Singapore – the food there is amazing


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