Ruffles & Romance For Farfetch.Com’s Style The Trend

Hey Everyone! Recently reached out to me to take part in their Style The Trend competition. I would like to say that I’m honored to be able to take part in their blogger competition, entailing that I would be able to put together a look that represents one of the major trends for Spring Summer 2016. I decided to pull together a look from my own closet, and create an outfit that included ruffles and romance. I love the idea of ruffles for spring, they can make you look whimsical, feminine, and yes romantic.

The pièce de résistance I tailored my look around is a tiered ruffled ‘Marc By Marc Jacobs’ dress, it has sequins on the top, and bows on the shoulders. While the handbag is one that I made myself and was inspired by Ulyana Sergeenko’s SS 2013 collection. I felt like the delicate nature of the bows, and straps on the handbag complimented the ruffles further.

I then chose my yellow coat for how it pairs well with the neutral colour palette of the dress, and because yellow suits the spring season. Yellow represents warmth, the sun, and that cheery dream like mood that wakes us out of that winter slumber. And if you couldn’t tell already I’m truly loving the inclusion of headbands at the moment! I couldn’t resist bringing out my gold leaf headband that I find to be a versatile piece whether you’re aiming for Boho, Romantic, or Greek Goddess styles. Psst. Also at the very bottom of this post I put in a youtube clip that offers more info about

zaychishkaruffles.jpgA closer look of the outfit, and of the new blooms in my backyard 🙂



Below:  Details of the handbag and gold leaf headband


Coat: Zara

Dress: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Versace

Shoes: Nina

Gold leaf Headband: Expression

Handbag: My first DIY project inspired by Ulyana Sergeenko’s SS 2013 collection


I can’t wait to see what all of the other Fashion Bloggers have come up with for Style The Trend  + Happy Spring Everyone! 🙂

-XO Zaychishka

17 thoughts on “Ruffles & Romance For Farfetch.Com’s Style The Trend

  1. beautiful colors…the long jacket/cover is everywhere this season!
    what’s your opinion on hem length and age? limit by age or limit by look of the legs? Lol
    Yours look fab btw.
    What a fun challenge– i’ll have to check out the other blogger suggestions now!

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    1. Thank you Ret! I was having a bad hair day !! My opinion on hem length is.. Well I have an aunt who is in her 70’s who plays tennis, wears high heels and has legs for days.. And I always compliment her legs and encourage her to show them off because they are incredible! So Im not the type who thinks about age and hem length because how boring would that be to let age restrict you? And If you’re confident with your legs / more importantly comfortable with yourself just go with it because life is too short to care about others opinions. Satisfy yourself!! 🙂 yes ! I think some of the other bloggers will be choosing between the pyjama , stripes etc trends, they will have some cool looks !


  2. Fabulous! I love the yellow against the pale. And rolling on to Ret’s comment…my Mom who is 83+ has fabulous legs. She rocks them with tights and an above the knee length (not a mini though) and she sells it. Amazing!

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    1. She is so lucky !! 🙂 she must have a lot of gorgeous skirts in her closet !! Thank you, and yes Ret brought about an intriguing question .. It makes you think … And I love that it challenges age and what to wear

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